Full Day in Venice from Florence

Full Day in Venice from Florence

Explore the narrow and romantic streets along the canals in Venice. Book the top guided Venice Tours and see what tourists normally don't see! Read More ...

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Full Day in Venice from Florence
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Full Day in Venice from Florence Description

Italy has too much to offer to confine your holidays to a single city. Taking day trips from Florence is one way of keeping things interesting! Today, treat yourself to an adventure, explore Venice! Being built on water, pieced together from 118 islands, and connected by over 350 bridges, its one of the unique cities in the world. Stepping into this city feels like stepping into a different dimension, traveling back in time. Our Venice tours from Florence is a perfect way of getting the most out of your one day in Venice.

You will depart early in the morning in a GT coach or a minivan and head north. Once you arrive in Venice, you will have free time to wander around and explore on your own the whole morning. After lunch (not included), you will meet one of our expert guides. The afternoon will keep you busy taking in the major sights in Piazza San Marco including the romantic Bridge of Sighs, the historically important Doges Palace, St Marks Cathedral and Clock Tower.

Activity Highlights

There are so many things to do in Venice! Alluring sights and activities lurk all over the city. You can take a water taxi, cruise along the grand canal, or bargain for some fresh produce on the fabled Rialto market Its not an easy deed to see everything worthy of seeing in Venice in a day! Or is it?

First of all, our Full Day Venice Tours are designed to satisfy your curiosity without jeopardizing your holiday chill-out mood. Leaving Florence in the morning gives you enough time to explore the narrow streets of Venice on your own as well as enjoy Venice walking tour.

Second, our guide will lead you the most significant sights circling the charming Piazza San Marco all the while sharing the most interesting facts about Venices history! Moreover, you will have a chance to witness one of Venices ancient arts: a glassblowing demonstration. Those who cannot resist gondolas may book the optional gondola ride without missing out on anything from the tour. Plus, if you change your mind or plans, let us know one day in advance and we will give you a full refund!

History Sneak Peek

Venice is not Italys oldest city but, without a doubt, one of the most unusual ones - even by international standards. Better yet, this uniqueness can be traced all the way to its origins. In the Roman age, mostly poor fishermen inhabited the marshy Venetian lagoon. However, it wasnt until the 5th century AD the things got interesting. The seclusion of the islands from the mainland Italy seemed like a big plus during Attilas barbaric invasions of Italy. The lagoon became a comfy refuge and soon flourished into a buzzing city. Its name is derived from the Veneti people who once inhabited the present day Veneto region.

Thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, Venice became a trading hub, thriving, especially, from the import of silk and spices from the Orient. Venice was not only unique for its architecture but also for having an elected Doge of Venice. Also, Saint Mark became the patron of the city after the Evangelist brought his relics from Alexandria.

All was well until the luck turned its back on Venice! Plague rummaged in the streets, depleting its population. Moreover, Spanish and Portuguese discoveries of new continents took away Venice's strategic importance in sea trade.

However, even after the loss of political importance, the city survived and its art flourished.

This is truly just a sneak peek, Venice has more stories to tell.

You better get there fast! Although we know Venice as The Floating City, its actually sinking few inches each year. Five times faster than originally predicted! Therefore, stop postponing your visit and book your Venice Tours today!

Before You Go

  • Prices for Children from 0-2 years old: free of charge
  • Check-in closes 30 min before departure
  • The itinerary may be changed due to acts of force majeure, such as strikes, bad weather, etc
  • Customers must be able to climb and descend stairs
  • Optional: Gondola Ride (30 minutes): 24.00 per person (Infants from 0-2 years old is free of charge)
  • Drop off: 10,00 per person and infant from 0-2 years old is free of charges

What is included

  • Free pick up on request
  • Traveling by GT coach or minivan with A/C Free time in Piazza San Marco
  • Expert multilingual escorts
  • Free time in Piazza San Marco
  • Walking tour
  • Free map of Venice
  • Glassblowing demonstration
  • Travel insurance and other emergencies
  • Food, liquors, beers and bottled beverages



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