Bohemian Barcelona sits on the Northeastern coast of the Mediterranean only about a two-hour drive from the French Pyrenees. It's the capital of passionate Catalonia, a Spanish region with its own unique culture, language, traditions, and personality.

What to do in Barcelona? Whatever you are yearning for, be it history, entertainment, culture, relax, or art…  This city will not disappoint.

A legend has it when Hercules came to the territory of today’s Barcelona, he found the place incredibly welcoming. It impressed him so much he decided to found a city with the blessing of Herme the god of art and commerce. This is an origin story worthy of such lively bohemian city!

However, the more evidence-supported version suggests the city was founded by Phoenicians and Carthaginians under its original name, Barcino. The Romans reached its area around the 1st century BC and made Barcino (Barcelona) the capital of the region. Next followed the long occupations by Visigoths (5th century) and Moors (8th century) until the Francs took it back. In 988, Count Borrell II gained independence from the Carolingian Empire and expanded the county over the territory we recognize as Catalonia today.

Barcelona had its ups and downs. There are things that never change though...  Catalans have always been a passionate lot proud of their culture and heritage, while Barcelona was and is bottomless well of creativity. Not many European cities can offer you such an incredible variety of cultural experiences. Remember, Barcelona was a bustling port since its beginning meaning it was a melting pot of influences that passed through it.

Things to do in Barcelona

Immerse yourself in exploration of galleries, museums, and architectural wonders. You can take in the city view from the vintage amusement park in Tibidabo, contemplate the sea from the walls of Montjuic Castle, or find more of that Catalan passion in the support for FC Barcelona. Barcelona is a city of today overflowing with artistic freedom, fun, adventure, and diversity. You will never struggle to find things to do in Barcelona, just make sure you don’t miss out any of the perks when visiting!


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