Florence hides in a valley, gently hugging the banks of Arno River. It’s one of the most imposing cities in Northern Italy and one of the most beautiful ones in Europe. It will never leave you short of interesting things to do in Florence while visiting. Wherever you look, the city is adorned with the ancient relics, architectural works of genius, and incredible pieces by the celebrated masters of Humanism and Renaissance.

Florence came to life in 59 BC. Julius Caesar designed this settlement as a haven for his military veterans. Perhaps it was just a coincidence or a premonition but Caesar named the town Florentia (meaning “flourishing”). And flourish it did!

Located on a fertile land as well as a main travel route connecting the northern Italy with Rome, the city grew fast. In a few short centuries, a small Roman settlement became a busy commercial center. The 10th century is when things really started to happen for Florence. The city was on a straight upward trajectory to success, opening its doors to artistic activities. For instance, in 1252, minted its own gold currency (florin). Eventually became a powerful banking center with Florentine banks all over Europe. The puppet master behind it all was the Medici banking family whose members were also passionate patrons of art…

Perhaps now you are starting to see why so much art “happened” within the city borders. The economic growth attracted an influx of immigrants and with them international influences. It also made the rich richer and happy to support artistic ventures. Many of the most important artists and scientists of the era came to Florence to create their most complex masterpieces.

Things to do in Florence

Nowadays, Florence is a hive of historical and artistic importance. While the public knows and loves the city for its many works of art and appealing quaint ambience, the city still thrives as a banking center! It’s both tourism and finance that fuel its economic growth in the fast-moving modern world. All in all, Florence is charming, romantic, mysterious, and ready to seduce all your senses! Scroll down for suggestions on things to do in Florence.


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