Rome, Italy’s ardent capital, is one of the most romantic and inspiring places in the world. It’s a captivating mixture of haunting ruins, extraordinary art, and vibrant street life. Being a result of over 3000 years of makeshift urban development, Rome bears a nickname the Eternal City. Hence, whatever your travel style, you can be sure to never be short of exciting things to do in Rome.

The roots of the city go back to the early days of civilization. A legend has it, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, the banished twins who were saved and nurtured by a she-wolf (Lupa). Being banished, in their adulthood, the brothers decided to build their own city. They each picked a different locale but Romulus won his claim and founded in the year 753 BC. However, the historical evidence suggests the city is of Etruscan origins.

What started as a small rural settlement flourished into a bustling commercial city, home to one of the most advanced civilizations of the time. It grew into a republic around 500 BC and evolved into an empire toward the end of the BC period. Throughout its history, the city played a crucial role in the revolution of Western art and architecture, inspiring artists to push the limits of their creativity. The result? A city drowning in unimaginable treasures of human achievement. Statues, mosaics, frescos, facades, and piazzas dazzle and impress every onlooker.

Things to do in Rome

Visiting Rome is about both, embracing “la dolce vita” attitude as well as immersing yourself in the history, art, and culture of the city. Just wander around, enjoy an espresso in a clandestine cafe, lose yourself people-watching on the quaint piazzas, dress for the evening Aperitivo, savor the food made with love… All that is part of the enchanting Roman experience.

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