Venice is a landmark on its own, unique and intriguing since its humble beginnings until the present day. Venice seduces and captivates with its architecture, culture, and omnipresent ambiance of quaint romance. You will never struggle for the things to do in Venice...

A swamp might seem like a strange place to build one of the greatest cities in Italian history. Yet, it’s not as surprising considering the circumstances. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Italian mainland suffered from frequent Barbarian rampages. Hence, the first people to settle in the Venetian lagoon came to look for a safe refuge. The settlers craftily improved their swampy circumstances by building a “terra semi-firma” with wood pylons driven a thirty meters (100 feet) into the wet sand. The more invaders came, the more people sought sanctuary in the lagoon.

The six kilometers (three miles) of shallow water between Venice and mainland protected the city for over 1400 years. It isolated it not only from the invaders but also often quarrelsome Italian political life. It stayed unaffected by imperialist warfare, feudalism, and territorial disputes. Instead, the city turned its attention to the East, the home of rich markets such as Alexandria and Constantinople. Gradually Venice grew into a commercial empire.

Venice’s political, economic, and cultural prosperity peaked in Middle Ages. This is when Venice became a city of art, culture, and innovation. One of the great markers in its history was the election of the first Doge of Venice, a step that was way ahead its time. The second pivotal event was bringing relics of Saint Mark from Alexandria and, consequently, the construction of Saint Mark’s Basilica.

Things to do in Venice

Venice has been called many names: The Floating city, City of Bridges, and the City of Love… You can make your trip romantic, educational, exploratory or all of the above. It is truly up to you which alluring aspect of Venice you want to experience because all of them will astound you. Scroll down to discover all the amazing things to do in Venice!


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