Located in the south of central Europe, Italy is a natural masterpiece boasting uncanny natural diversity. From the wild Alpine peaks and glacial lakes on the north; through lagunes and lush rolling hills in the center; to sandy beaches, fiery craters and turquoise caves in the south… Italy will inspire and move you.

This rather small country sitting on a peninsula in an elegant shape of a boot is also home to the moral and intellectual faculties of human civilization. Philosophy, literature, music, religion, sciences, and gastronomy have flourished within Italian borders for centuries. Having been the epicenter of the Roman Empire and cradle of Renaissance, Italy will introduce you to the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s David, and Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. To be honest, Italy comprises more UNESCO World Heritage Sights than any other country in the world. Hence, its entire cultural offering is enough to fill a decade.

However, Italian way of life is far from being stuck in the past. On the contrary, Italians are known to embrace style and flair in every facet of their daily lives. From immaculate and extravagant wardrobes, perfectly balanced espressos, to the dedication of perfecting the little things, the root of living the “vita all'Italiana” lies in living well. So, when in Italy, step on a break, slow down, style up and take a generous bite of life.

Speaking of bites, beyond the landscapes, galleries, and wardrobes, Italy hides another forte: its decadent cuisine. The superior gastronomy is typical for its high-quality ingredients and intuitive know-how. From the simplest street food to the Micheline-star restaurant, Italian culinary expertise will not let you down.

Things to do in Italy

Italian cultural, historic, culinary, and natural heritage can accommodate even the pickiest travelers. One day, you can be wine tasting in the rolling hills of Chianti; the next you can be galloping on horseback in Maremma; snorkel along the Ligurian coast; walk across Pompei, the city frozen in time; savor a true Italian gelato or admire the masterpieces in the Vatican City... For more suggestions and tips on things to do in Italy, check out the articles below!


Florence Walking Tours to see architecture and history of the city center
Florence Walking & Accademia Gallery Tour

Looking to see the best of Florence in a day? Book our Florence walking tours with skip-the-line access to the Statue of David! Expert guide guaranteed!

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50.00 Per Person
Florence art Gallery and Uffizi Tour to admire the works by famous Gothic painters
Uffizi Gallery Guided Tour (Skip the line Entrance)

Book Florence art Gallery Tour with skip the line entrance and see masterpieces hiding in the labyrinth of this extensive collection during Uffizi Tour.

11 Reviews
35.00 Per Person
Duomo Tour take you to Baptistry featuring the famous bronze door
Duomo Florence Complex tour (climb up to Dome)

Visiting Duomo Complex in Florence doesn't have to be crowded! Book Duomo Tour with us to get the best experience as well as value for your money!

7 Reviews
35.00 Per Person

maranello ferrari tour and ride ferrari
Ferrari Tour With Lunch

Book your Maranello Ferrari Tour today and enjoy a full-day experience including lunch & visit to Parmigiano-Reggiano and Balsamic Vinegar factories for tasting!

0 Review
110.00 Per Person
Take Florence food tour to make amazing food
Florence Cooking Lesson Small Group Tour

Learn how to pick the ingredients and cook like an Italian chef! Book our Florence Food Tour today to enjoy a real Tuscan dish made by you.

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65.00 Per Person
Visit around the city by Florence Segway tour
Small Group Florence Segway Tour

Book our Florence Segway tour and get an insightful introduction to the history and modern life in Florence. Easy online booking & no hidden fees!

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75.00 Per Person

Buy Uffizi Gallery Tickets to visit world's top art museums

Uffizi Gallery Tickets | Skip The Line

Buying the Uffizi Gallery tickets with us will let you skip the line and enter the museum without hustle, straight to the 60 halls of art history.

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skit the line david and Accademia Florence Tickets to save time

Accademia Florence Tickets | Skip The Line

Buying Accademia Florence Tickets with us will let you skip the long lines and devote all your time to the exploration of the gallery!

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Duomo Florence Tickets also called Duomo di Firenze

Duomo Florence Tickets Skip The Line

Book now Duomo Florence tickets online which include the Crypt, Baptistery, Bell Tower, Duomo Museums, climbing the Duomo and enjoying the unique view of Florence.

- 6 Reviews

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