Lazio comprises of Roma, Rieti, Frosinone, Latina, and Viterbo provinces. This naturally and historically rich region lies on the western coast of central Italy. However, its “centrality” is not just a question of geography. As the official seat of the government, it forms the core of the Italian political life; similarly, it is religious a heart of the country as the Vatican City stands guard over Rome; and, thanks to its many preserved sites, landmarks, and monuments, it is also one of Italy’s key tourist destinations.

While the west coast borders with the Tyrrhenian Sea, the east of the region is lined with the central Apennines with Mount Terminillo rising to impressive 2,216 m. To the northwest and southeast of Rome rise four ancient volcanoes: the Volsini, Cimini, Sabatini, and Albani mountains; each of them contains at least one or more stunning crater lakes. Undoubtedly, Lazio is in possession of stunning natural beauty protected in parks and natural reserves.

As per agriculture, produce such as wheat, vegetables, fruit, corn, meat, and dairy dominate in the lowlands of Lazio while vineyards and olive groves cover its countless slopes. Rome, also called the Eternal City, is the region’s commercial and banking hub but has very little industry (apart from the specialized artisan industries like fashion).

Rome in combination with the Vatican City form the largest tourist center in the whole of Italy. It’s no surprise! Both of these destinations boast of ancient ruins, captivating excavations sites, architectural wonders, and priceless works of art. Other important tourist resorts can be found along the coast, in the Alban Hills, and the Apennines.

Things to do in Lazio

Lazio region boasts with all, natural, historic, as well as artistic treasures. In fact, you are likely to struggle to decide on the things to in Lazio during your holidays. You can choose to unravels the mysteries surrounding the Colosseum; throw a coin into forever-romantic Trevi fountain; visit the spas in Fiuggi or Tivoli; go skiing in top-notch ski resorts of Terminillo, Arcinazzo and Leonessa; or, perhaps, trek, bike or hike in the regional mountains. To help you make the right decision, check out the articles below!


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