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Welcome to Colombo

Discover Colombo, Sri Lanka's largest and most fascinating city to explore. 

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Top Experiences in Colombo

What makes Colombo special

Discover Gangaramaya Temple

Admire one of the most significant and oldest temples in all of Colombo. With its brightly colored and decorated interior, the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is much more than a place of worship. This is by far one of the top places to see in Sri Lanka and home to an unusual mix of artifacts, religious materials, a cannon, swords, and even a few vintage cars. Visit a temple, museum, and library, all under one roof. Even those visitors who do not consider themselves spiritual will enjoy a tour of the site.  If you are looking for a truly remarkable cultural experience, then you must visit the Gangaramaya temple. 
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Explore Colombo's National Museum

Millions of visitors flock to the National Museum of Colombo and it’s no wonder why. Visit Sri Lanka, and discover the ancient past of the port city of Colombo, when you explore its most well known and important cultural institution. Wander the galleries, dating back to 1877, and admire the collection of carvings, swords, and other antiquities. Catch a glimpse of the royal throne, made initially for the king. Test your luck; if you can pronounce his name, King Wimaladharmasuriya, maybe you will even get the chance to sit on his throne. Allow plenty of time to explore the National Museum.
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Taste the Local Dishes

Get your fill of local cuisine at the Pettah Markets. Wander through the colorful fruit and vegetable stalls, pass by the local fishmongers for the daily catch, or grab a bite while browsing the local specialties. One of the best things to do in Sri Lanka is to observe the culture and way of life; this is done best through enjoying the culinary delights of the country. Try the local masala dosa, vegetable samosas, flatbread, roti, hoppers (pancake breakfast bowl), and many seafood specialties. There are plenty of tasty treats at other markets around the city too! Be sure to visit the Floating Pettah Market & the Galle Face Green market.

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Things to do in Colombo

Discover Colombo, Sri Lanka's largest and most fascinating city to explore. 

Top Tour in Colombo

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