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Piazza del Colosseo, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


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Hundreds of towers adorn Romes skyline hiding the crooked quaint streets and uncountable stories of its past. Rome is riddled with historical sights and landmarks that stand witness to the splendor of Roman Empire. One of its most valued treasures is the grand Colosseum, or otherwise, the Flavian Amphitheatre. Standing 50 meters tall, its the largest amphitheater of the Roman era. Its height and history are as impressive in person as it is in the photographs. It is no surprise; Colosseum is one of the top attractions Italy has to offer. Book Colosseum tickets online with priority access will let you access this wonder without lengthy waiting in crowded queues under the intense heat Italian sun.


So, your Roman holiday is everything you imagined! The quaint yet somehow modern ambiance, fresh Italian gelato, intense coffee, indulgent cuisine, cobblestone streets, antique shops, vibrant bars, and restaurants! Yes, its everything you imagined up until you find yourself stuck in an endless queue leading up to the ticket office of the renown Flavian Amphitheatre on a hot summer day. Sweat, crowds, stress there is even a chance the tickets might be sold out for the day. Don't put yourself through all that trouble!

At Do Travel we understand how mishaps and delays can turn even the sunniest day cloudy. That is why we design our products to solve your problems before they even occur. Booking the skip the line rome tickets with us will provide you with a fast-track access. Youll enter the arena via the Gladiators Gate the side entrance once used by gladiators. Located on the other side of the amphitheater, this access point is separate to the usual group skip-the-line gate. So you'll bypass the long lines (longer these days following increased security), for immediate entry. You will be able to appreciate the history behind the tall walls in good humor and a peace of mind by choosing our Colosseum tours.

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History Sneak Peek

The construction of Colosseum started under the rule of Emperor Vespasian (from the Flavius family) in 72 AD and was finished under Titus a decade later. The amphitheater was built on the former site of Neros Palace. Vespasians goal behind all this was to dissociate himself from the tyranny of Neros rule and gain a bit of public popularity by organizing gladiator battles and animal massacres (none of which would win him popularity today).

The shape of the structure is roughly elliptical measuring 188m in length and 156m in width. However, the arena floor where the battles took place only measures 76m by 44m. The arena floor was made of wooden planks. It was only during the shows they covered the floor with sand (arena) taken from Monte Mario hill. For special events, they would use a different color sand to mark the occasion.

The Roman remained in use for impressive 450 years until the Gladiator battles and animal hunts became unpopular, likely due to the rise of Christianity. Soon, the amphitheater space found a multitude of other uses including serving as a church, cemetery, housing, workshops and even a castle. Nonetheless, in 1349, a strong earthquake caused the south wall to collapse and the construction became unusable. Quite smartly, the city used the stone and marble from the catastrophe to build churches and other public buildings around the city.

This information is just scraping the surface of the rich and history of the ancient Rome that resides within the walls of the Colosseum. Book Colosseum tickets online today to ensure you don't miss out on any detail!

Before You Go

  • Please arrives at the meeting point 45 minutes before your chosen time so you do not lose your time slot.
  • As you exit the metro (Ground Floor) onto the piazza, the meeting point is the small green newsstand (kiosko) on the right by the exit.
  • A student must carry ID to collect the tickets

What is Included

  • Fast track Colosseum Rome tickets
  • Reservation fees, booking fees, and taxes
  • Tour guide (unless option selected)
  • Audio guide (unless option selected)

Meeting Point/ Departure Point

Piazza del Colosseo, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


Wow! Skipped the line like a breeze


One of the best and unforgettable experience...


just walk straight to Colosseum without standing in long queue.


I recommend you to buy fast access tickets and enjoy the amazing view.


Defiantly recommend to have this coliseum rome tickets because it's the only way you don't have to wait in lone queue.


Worth of money! visited last week and it's was full of people. thank god i buy colosseum tickets in advance otherwise it's very long queue for ticket.


The good things about this Colosseum entry tickets is that it's come with Colosseum underground tickets. so you don't have to buy separate tickets.


this is fast track tickets for Colosseum. We had Colosseum reservation and later we still have to do queue for entrance.


i bought this tour for my family and they really enjoyed the palace. i checked Colosseum entrance fee in different websites but i think this one is cheaper than others website.

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