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Nice Food and Wine tour Reviews
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Nice food and wine tours are an absolute must do on your visit to this beautiful city on the Côte d’Azur, a trip to the south of France simply isn't complete without properly experiencing the wine and gastronomy on offer in Nice. Such is the importance of food here, during your visit you will likely learn there is a difference between what is known as ‘’French food’’ and dishes more specialized to different places such as Nice. Such a difference in fact, that there is a certification ''Cuissine Nissarde’’ held by less than 20 establishments that specialize in the traditional food of Nice! The possibility of swimming in the Mediterranean every day and getting out to enjoy some inexpensive wine has to be a huge attraction to you right? If that sounds interesting then come to join us on our food and wine tour of Nice! 

Where is Nice?

Located in the South of France, Nice, the largest city on the French Riviera, enjoys great weather for most of the year (330 days per year), which perfectly complements the phenomenal food and wine on offer that you can enjoy on your tour through the city.

Just picture it, walking around in the sunshine along the Promenade des Anglais or casually strolling through the food market at Cours Saleya, letting your nose lead you to the stall of your choice and help yourself to the local delights...

What is typical of Nice Cuisine?

As you will see in the recommendations below, the cuisine in Nice seems to focus on giving you something mouthwateringly delicious but also being extremely healthy at the same time. Many of the dishes are light, warm and ideal to make the most of the cafe culture of relaxing outside in the sun.

Top 5 Nice foods you should try

If you spend any amount of time in Nice you will most definitely hear about Socca, one of the most famous foods of the region, but what is it? Well, it's essentially an enormous, crusted pancake (already sounds great right?) and goes down great with a beer or glass of wine!

Even the most adventurous amongst us sometimes enjoy a meal that isn't completely new to us and has a more familiar feeling. On this note, while in Nice, we´ll go for Pissaladiere, as the name might give away, it's a pizza… but not quite a pizza. It's said to be a tart but looks and tastes more like a square pizza, you can give it a try for yourself to make your own decision!

Ratatouille. No, not the movie. Similar to a stew, ingredients can vary depending on the preferences of the creator: onion, garlic, carrot, tomatoes, zucchini and more, ensures you can always keep this delicious meal interesting with a few variations!

Fancy something a little lighter? Try the salade nicoise, as you can probably infer from the name, it's a salad. Add tomatoes, radish, onions, anchovies (if you want) and top it off with boiled eggs. Tasty, light and perfect for a light lunch or late breakfast snack!

The final culinary delight I can recommend is the Pan bagnat, a specialty sandwich of Nice. As for ingredients for this delicious sandwich, you will see a few familiar faces from other recommendations: vegetables, boiled eggs, anchovies, tuna and olive oil.

Why is Nice wine worth tasting?

French wine is just delicious and Nice does not buck this trend. Locally produced, with perfect places to sit, sip and enjoy, namely the Rose wine of Provence which has become very popular in recent years.

Do I need a guide?

Nice is the fifth largest city in France, so there is plenty to do, but you have a limited time there, so you don't want to waste these precious hours or days navigating or visiting places that don't meet your expectations (we've all been there, gone on holiday and ended up settling for something awful just because we're lost and tired!).

I would advise getting yourself a guide because not only do they have all the useful local knowledge about great spots to visit but the knowledge they have of the area gives you an entirely new perspective on what you're seeing. So you don't simply see a nice building or a painting, you get to learn the story behind it, how it came to be this way or how it got here, much more interesting and helps you make the absolute most of your trip!

How much is a typical food and wine tour in Nice

A typical food and wine tour of Nice is usually around €70 but a private all day tour taking in a few different vineyards across the region can go as high as €677!!

What should you do now?

Be sure to check out the amazing trips and experiences in Nice such as the private, full-day French Riviera tour! Get picked up at the hotel by your personal driver

See you at the Riviera!

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