• A Full Day of Things to do in El Raval

    For many who visit Barcelona, a trip to one of the city’s oldest and most vibrant barrios, El Raval, won’t make it onto the itinerary. This is a shame. El Raval is a cultural melting pot that celebrates its confluence of culture in the minutiae of everyday life. Down the narrow tangle of the area’s medieval streets, you hear Catalan, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, and Tagalog pouring over balconies, out of shop fronts,... Read More
  • More Food on the Way! Italian Food by Region Guide (Part 2)

    Continuing on our foodie road trip across Italy, we’re going pick up where we left off. Let's head to Lombardy! (If you just stumbled upon this adventure, check out the Italian food by Region Guide Part 1 to ensure... Read More
  • 13 Wonderfully Unusual Beaches Around the World

    With the sun shining it’s time to reach for the towels and the sunscreen, factor 40 if you know what’s good for you! From Australia to Southern California the coastlines of the world are awash with beautiful beaches.... Read More
  • Eat your way through Italy! Our Italian Food by Region Guide (Part 1)

    When we think of Italy, we think of a great beauty. A deeply passionate country, steeped in centuries of history and culture. We think of Rome, and its ruins, of Florence, and its art, of love, life and, of course, food. Italian food has earned itself a reputation as a gastronomic powerhouse of deliciousness. And, boy, does it live up to that reputation. What’s more, the country is a mosaic of twenty different... Read More

Street Party! The Festa Major de Gracia 2018

The Festa Major de Gracia 2018 kicks off this year, as it does every year, on the 15th of August. This week-long celebration is one of the biggest of Barcelona’s Festa Majors and takes place in the Catalonian capital neighborhood of Gracia. The... Read More

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