• How to Celebrate the Festival de San Juan: Barcelona Guide

    This weekend, for the Festival de San Juan, Barcelona will explode into life. For those not in the know, this is the celebration of the year. I can see you shaking your head and thinking, “yeah, yeah, according to you, every celebration in Barcelona is the celebration of the year.” But, stop. This one is.  Here’s the low-down because the festival celebrates a couple of things. According to the Gospel of Luke,... Read More
  • The Real Casanova: Going beyond the Myth

    Who was Casanova? It’s an interesting question and one whose answer is often gleaned from the mines of popular culture. The name has, in the many years since the death of the 18th-century Venetian, become synonymous... Read More
  • Germany Attractions vs Sweden Attractions: FIFA World Cup of Travel

    Good afternoon and welcome to game two, Germany attractions vs. Sweden attractions. The oct of travel has been absolutely fantastic and today is no exception. German and Swedish fans have been here all morning,... Read More
  • Peru Attractions vs France Attractions: FIFA World Cup 2018 of Travel

    Hello and welcome. Two big countries joining us today as Peru attractions face off against France attractions. That’s right, northern and southern hemispheres going tete-a-tete in what is sure to be a difficult contest. These two top tourist destinations have ninety minutes to come out on top. The question on everyone’s mind, who’s got more to offer? There’s the whistle, and the game gets underway.   First Half... Read More

Best Sports Bar Rome: Where to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018

If you’re in Italy, don’t let the fact that they aren’t participating in this year’s World Cup stop you from trying to catch the games. They might all be locked inside crying into their Blues, but the rest of us are thirsty and looking for a place... Read More




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