• The Weird and Wonderful: Unusual Things To Do in Tuscany

    Tuscany is a beautiful part of Italy. Florence, Pisa, and Siena all boast some incredible sites. The Duomo is spectacular, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a must see, and the Piazza del Campo hosts one of the year’s most anticipated cultural events in the Palio. Chianti is home to fabulous wineries where homegrown grapes produce some of the world’s finest wines, and the countryside gives way to romantic hillside... Read More
  • Visit Harry Potter Locations Across the UK Today!

    Twenty years ago J.K. Rowling’s first book, The Philosopher's Stone, about a boy wizard hit shelves. In the years since 6 books and 8 films have followed and the world has gone Potter mad. Visit Harry Potter locations... Read More
  • Festa Major de la Barceloneta: The Ultimate Beachside Party

    The Festa Major de la Barceloneta is soon upon us, and if you are looking for things to do in Barcelona in September, this should definitely be on the itinerary. Barcelona in September abounds with festivals, the... Read More
  • 22 Unusual Things to Do in Venice

    St. Mark’s Basilica. The Doge’s Palace. Textbook Venice vacation sites. Yawn. Boooooorrrriinnnnngggg. Okay, not exactly. They are two fantastic attractions, and if you ever find yourself in Venice, you’d be mad not to visit them. But, what about, as Robert Frost might say, “the road less traveled.” That’s right, all those unusual things to do in Venice that exist off the well-traveled tourist track? Interested?... Read More

Unraveling Italian Culture: What is Aperitivo?

In this corner of the Mediterranean, aperitivo is a word you will hear a lot. And, If you want to blend in with the Italians, you’ll need to know what it means. So, what is aperitivo? Let’s find out.What is Aperitivo[img-1]Aperitivo comes from the... Read More

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