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The thing is, nowadays, everybody wants to be a traveler as if being a tourist was some kind of curse. After all, both tourists and travelers just want to see the world. Sure, it’s not the most pleasant of experiences to feel like a sardine while waiting to see the most popular sights. The problem is, these landmarks and monuments are famous for a good reason and labeling them as “touristy” does hurt their pride and entices prejudice…

The Roots

The conversation that evening took a passionate turn. All of us veteran travelers, in love with the world, mused about a way to take the drag out of the touristy part of exploration while keeping the edge of free-spirited travel. As we munched on the tapas in the intimacy of an anonymous Barcelonian bar, an idea started to form the hot summer air.

You see, around that table sat hurdled a writer, a few savvy programmers, graphic designer, SEO specialist and the “glue” person that made all the unlikely likes of us fit together. That was the night, DoTravel spark lit up for the first time.

The Mission

We believe traveling is one of the best ways to experience life. It should be fun, convenient, and hassle-free... diverse and unexpected, no matter how busy is your destination. Our mission is rooted in creating a safe and friendly space for high-quality providers who offer convenient solutions to the most visited attractions as well as those who focus on the outside-the-box travel experiences. Here travelers can plan and shop for the best of experiences, getting the most of their trips.
In other words, we set out to help you reimagine and reinvent your travel escapades without the familiar fuss and trouble that gives a bad name to tourism.


More often than not, we only get one chance to explore a destination that’s why the quality of that experiences is not subject to compromise. All experience providers on DoTravel platform undergo a thorough assessment of quality ensuring that whatever you come across on our website is a step towards an unforgettable travel adventure.

Transparency and Responsibility

Some businesses tend to promise you the moon to get your attention. While we are always doing the best we can deliver the service we promised, mishaps and misunderstanding are bound to happen from time to time. Handling any situation with honesty and transparency regarding both our suppliers and customers sits on the top shelf of our priorities.


The online dimension is vast and vastly unexplored. Hence, we wouldn’t be true explorers if we didn’t use the latest safety measures to withstand the malicious threads hiding out there. Our IT team works day and night to keep all your information and transactions safe and protected


What would be travel or, in fact, life without fun? We work hard to ensure that when you plan your travels with us, you are never short on fun. From classic sightseeing to outdoorsy adventures and even adrenaline-filled activities, DoTravel team fights to always provide you with crème dela crème of fun travel experiences.

Meet the Team

Amit Singh


Bahman Reshadi


Maryam Feiz


Tanya Lesiuk


Agu Somoza


Mateo Martinez


Ekaterina Bronnikova


Mario Fernando


Keyvan Reshadipour


Albert Balbastre


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