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Why has my payment not gone through?

If on the checkout page you have received a notification stating that your payment hasn't been processed, it could be due to the following reasons:

1) You are attempting to pay with Paypal, but do not have a valid Paypal account. You can either create a Paypal account or press 'cancel and return to Things to do in SL' to return to the product booking page. From the product booking page, you can select to pay by an alternate method of payment, either by card or with Paypal again. 

2) The card details you have entered are invalid. In this case, please return to the product booking page, select a payment method, enter your valid card details, and proceed to payment. 

3) You have selected a time slot which is no longer available. Return to the product page and select an alternative date and/or time before proceeding to the payment page again. Make sure to complete your transaction within 10 minutes to guarantee your selected price and availability.

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