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Is Camp Nou Experience for all? We think so!

Barbora Jassova

Barcelona is not just about Gaudi’s architecture, beach, and great food. Catalan passion for football also made its mark on the canvas that is the city. Hence, one of the most visited sites in Barcelona is the gigantic stadium of Camp Nou, meaning “New Field” in Catalan. It’s home to the legendary FC Barcelona.

Going to see a game and becoming one with the exciting roar of the crowds is an experience one doesn’t forget quickly. The season lasts from September to May. However, football fans who visit Barcelona in the off-season can get a taste of the Camp Nou Experience by visiting its museum, interactive galleries, and part of the stadium.

History of Camp Nou

As for FC Barcelona, we can divide the club’s story into three critical stages. In its early days, the club regularly moved from field to field. In the second stage, it found permanent headquarters at Les Corts stadium. The last stage stands out because of the construction of Camp Nou and the club's rise to global fame.

Les Corts was inaugurated in 1922 and remodeled multiple times in an attempt to accommodate Barca’s expanding fan base. The ever-rising support for the team inspired a number of expansion projects. However, before the club executed any of them, it was evident they needed a whole new space. The board of directors combined their efforts and set out to make the dream of an entirely new stadium a reality.

The club set its heart on building a new stadium in 1948, but it took time to convince the local authorities to let it happen. The construction started in 1954 and finished three years later, in 1957 with a grand opening ceremony. At the moment, Camp Nou stadium disposes the greatest capacity in Europe and can accommodate over 99 000 spectators.

How to Get to Camp Nou

Camp Nou stands on the east side of Barcelona, around 5km from the lovely historic city center. The best way to reach it by public transport is taking the metro. In fact, several metro stops are in the vicinity of the stadium; all of them just a pleasant 10-minute walk away.

From the city center, you can take Line 3 (green line) in the direction of Zona Universitària and get off at Les Corts, Maria Cristina or Palau Reial station. The journey takes around 25 minutes. However, if you are going to see a match go a bit earlier as fans tend to overcrowd the metro. On the other hand, if you are coming from the direction of Sagrada Familia, take Line 5 (blue line). The direction is Cornellà Centre and convenient stops Badal or Collblanc!





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