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Things To Do In LONDON

London is one of the world’s most popular cities and for good reason. If you’re planning a visit you will be happy to learn that no matter the time of year, there is always a plethora of things to do in London.There are numerous world-famous sites and monuments such as Big Ben, which you will see as you make your way along the River Thames. Situated next to Big Ben are the Houses of Parliament. Here you can have a tour and learn about the fascinating history involving figures such as Guy Fawkes. The man who infamously tried to blow up parliament, an act that is both vilified and celebrated to this day depending on your view. This was also the inspiration behind the popular movie V for Vendetta!
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Top things to do in LONDON

Visit Westminster

There is so much to see in Westminster which is why it’s such a popular spot! Hyde Park for example, has wide open paths for cycling, interesting statues and in December, Christmas markets. One of the most popular places to visit in Westminster is the famous London Eye. It sticks out above the surroundings on the banks of the Thames. It’s impressive enough even if you’re not quite feeling up for a ride to the top to enjoy the view. Parliament Square is high on a list of things to do in London for history buffs with monuments to famous historical figures such as Churchill & Gandhi.

Wander around Camden Town

There are many different places to visit in Camden Town, the most widely known is easily the Camden Market. Visiting Camden Market should be number one on your list of places to see in London. Spend an entire afternoon exploring many of the 1000 different shops that make up London's biggest street market. One of the most popular places to see in Camden Town can be found if you walk along Chalk Farm Road. This street will take you along the market stalls and finally arriving at Camden Lock. A neat little addition to the scenery that is manually operated to allow boats to pass through.

Go on a Harry Potter Tour

Potterheads won’t be short on magical places to see in London either. One of the first places to see on the Harry Potter tour is King’s Cross Station! See the spot Harry and friends catch Hogwarts express! The station is a nice place to visit because it has a shop inside where you can buy Harry Potter related toys, clothes and sweets. Get your picture taken as you hold the trolley with your scarf billowing behind you. Another of the most beautiful places to visit on a Harry Potter tour is Westminster Bridge, see if you recognize it from the movie... Last but not least, head to Warner Bros studios!


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What to do in LONDON

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Things to do in LONDON

Along River Thames

Along the Thames, you will also encounter the famous Tower Bridge, which you will undoubtedly recognize from TV and movies. Further along, you will come across the quaint St. Katherines Docks and the grandiose Tower of London, both hugely popular sites that draw visitors come rain, sleet or shine!

If your interest is in the arts then there is plenty for you too! Head to Shakespeare’s Globe for a play or the famous Tate Modern if you’re an art lover. You will almost certainly encounter one of London’s most famous landmarks, the London Eye. The 135-meter tall structure dwarfs surroundings markets and is impressive enough from the ground even if you’re not quite brave enough to hop on and see the view from the top! 

London Parks

Large open spaces such as Hyde Park and Richmond Park give London something that many other big cities such as Barcelona just don’t have. They give you the opportunity to sit and relax outside with friends and just enjoy the grass, trees, flowers, and lakes.

London All Year Round

Weather in England is often mocked but warm Summers and cold Winters help residents really get into the feeling of the season. In Summer people take advantage of the great weather and enjoy the beer gardens and explore the streets and banks of the River Thames. In Winter the weather is almost perfect to get people into the festive spirit. Enjoy Christmas markets and a cozy fireplace in a pub with friends!

Variety of Attractions

Aside from the festive weather and interesting sites and monuments, there are a lot of different places to visit in London. The transport museum, for example, is a real treasure trove for history buffs. Old-fashioned cars, wartime planes and interesting transport vehicles like the old trams that used to traverse the city.

There is also the natural history museum for anyone with an interest in animals, dinosaurs or general scientific interest. The many exhibitions and events often change throughout the year so there is nearly always something new to see!

These are just a small number of different places to see in and things to do in London and you really should explore for yourself.

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