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Things To Do In GRAND EST

Situated on the Northwest quarter of France, bordering the Rhine, lies the newly unified region of Grand Est. Formerly, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, also known as ACAL. Strasburg, the region’s largest city, is also its administrative capital. The diverse range of things to do in Grand Est is impressive. Grand Est’s agricultural industry thrives and contributes extensively to international trade. When deciding which places to visit in France, the Grand Est region is a must! France’s 6th largest region boasts a collection of prestigious wines, natural wonders, and quaint villages. 
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Visit Grand Est and discover the region’s largest city and capital. Strasbourg is not only the seat of several European bodies and institutions, but it is also a commercial and cultural center. The city boasts one of the largest ports on the Rhine, diverse nature, a UNESCO historical center, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine.

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Out of all the places to see in Grand Est, Colmar is the most charming. Situated near the border of Germany and Switzerland, the quaint country style town is a gorgeous display of medieval constructions. Romantic canal walkways, make you feel as if you’re in Venice; timbered homes, and uneven cobblestone walks, all add to Colmar’s charm.

What Makes GRAND EST Special


Champagne-Ardenne is famously known for its wine production, with its exquisite bubbly stealing the show. Tour prestigious vineyards or visit the champagne houses. When deciding what to do in Grand Est, opt for a champagne tasting. Excite your senses and let your palate dance while enjoying the complexity of this effervescent beverage. 

Diverse Natural Parks

There is no shortage of places to see in Grand Est, especially when observing its rich natural diversity. The Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges along with the North Vosges Regional Natural Park both are wonders to see. Magnificent castles, vineyards, charming towns, and lush greenery decorate the plains, rolling hills, and mountains. 


Grand East’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its German neighbor who borders them to the east. Traditional dishes include stewed potatoes, local boar based plates, and pork sausage. Treat your taste buds to an authentic quiche Lorraine, Baba au Rhum, or Macaroon. Visit Grand Est to experience a diverse culinary mix of rich local flavors.

Things to do in GRAND EST

Discover the beauty of champagne and explore Alsace’s wine routes, sure to excite oenophiles. Nature lovers visit France, particularly to come to Grand Est for a taste of natural beauty in the many national parks. As the only region in France to border Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland, its geographical location makes it a cultural melting pot. Thus, the region's gastronomy is primarily influenced by its bordering neighbors, with most of the cuisine inspired by the tastes and aromas of Germany. There is no shortage of culture, flavors, or things to do in Grand Est.

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