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Architecture, history, and gastronomy marry perfectly in France’s largest region. Visit Nouvelle-Aquitaine and get a sense of the fun-loving and welcoming spirit of its locals. The area itself covers a large portion of the Bassin d'Aquitaine and is made up of the former regions of Aquitaine, Poitou Charente, and Limousin. There are an array of things to do in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and plenty of ways to occupy your time.  
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Explore Nouvelle-Aquitaine by CITIES

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The capital of Nouvelle-Aquitaine blends ancient ruins, rich culture, world-class gastronomy, and inspiring nature. Enjoy the art & exhibitions, shop until you drop, taste the wine, or relax at the beach, the city has it all! Nicknamed the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux is one of the most stunning places to see in Nouvelle Aquitaine.



The most picturesque and charming places to visit in Nouvelle-Aquitaine are Bordeaux (the region's capital) and Saint-Emilion. They both have been granted the UNESCO status for their well-preserved heritage and authenticity. Explore these stunning spots for a taste of history, culture, and gastronomy all wrapped into one. 

Legendary Beaches

Visit Nouvelle-Aquitaine if you’re seeking some fun in the sun. The region is famous for its tranquil fine sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast. Enjoy surfing the waves, or kick back and sunbathe at one of the areas beachside escapes. Alternatively, stroll the promenade walks and admire the historical sites and surrounding beauty.

Viticulture & Cuisine

Forget about what to see in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, eating and drinking your way around the region is the best way to get a true sense of the area’s rich gastronomy. Try the wine from top vineyards like St-Emilion Pomerol and taste the truffles, the "black diamond of Perigord." A trip to Nouvelle-Aquitaine offers a fine sensory experience. 


Boasting over 750km of open coastline on the Atlantic, stunning beaches and diverse landscapes; out of all the places to visit and things to do in France, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy here. Discover the surroundings to experience a taste of the thriving Viticulture industry. 

Tour the most famous vineyards around Bordeaux, and participate in a wine tasting accompanied by foie gras, truffles, and cheese. Appreciate the rich natural diversity found around the Atlantic coast, inland, and towards the Pyrenees while exploring all the things to do in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

If you’re wondering what to do in France, visit Nouvelle-Aquitaine, for an unforgettable trip. The great outdoors, quaint villages and vibrant cities await your arrival.

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