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Things To Do In SHARJAH

Considered as a suburb of Dubai, Sharjah is not only the third-largest city in the Emirates, but it is also the most populous. Many of its residents, live in Sharjah and commute into neighboring Dubai daily. The city of Sharjah is a popular destination for Muslims but is also gaining recognition for having a cultural affiliation. The array of things to do in Sharjah and the opportunities for vibrant cultural immersion are endless. Dubai and Abu Dhabi may be the most well known of the UAE cities, but Sharjah has much more than fame to offer. 
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Top things to do in SHARJAH

Visit The Al Noor Mosque

Visit the only mosque open to non-Muslims in Sharjah. A tour of the impressive Al Noor Mosque is a must-do while in the city. There are more than 600 Mosques to see, but this is by far the most famous. Not only is the building visually stunning on the inside and out, but its location also ideal. Overlooking the Khalid Lagoon, the views are breathtaking. Visit Sharjah and the classical style Ottoman mosque of Al Noor for an insight into the Emirati and Islamic history, traditions and culture of Sharjah.

Roam Sharjah’s Heritage District

Feel the true essence of the city on a stroll through the Sharjah Heritage Area. Of all the places to visit in Sharjah, a wander through the historical center is the perfect way of becoming acquainted with the traditional accents of the city. Take time to explore one of the many heritage museums like the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, and the Al Hisn Museum. In addition, visit a souk or two, and pass by the Majlis Al Midfa (the stone wind tower). Dive deeper into the Emirati culture as you uncover all the gems of the Sharjah heritage district. 

Shop the Blue Souk

There’s no better place in Sharjah for shopping than the Blue Souk, commonly known as the Central Market. If you’re looking for the main shopping hub, you’ve found it! The two-story blue-tiled souk is a work of art in itself. Find anything and everything in this Arabian bazaar: kitchen utensils crafted in the UAE, watches, Persian carpets, precious stones, and more. The Blue Souk is one of the most photographed buildings in all of Sharjah and it’s no wonder why. Visit Sharjah and wander the over 600 stalls of one of the UAE’s largest souks.


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Things to do in SHARJAH

Strong Islamic Heritage

Sharjah is a city full of Islamic accents. From the Blue Souk to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Arts Museum, and the Sharjah Heritage Area; the city prominently displays its Islamic roots. For a deep dive into Islamic heritage, travelers to Sharjah can visit the many cultural and heritage sights and attractions around the city.

Cultural Diversity

Sharjah is known as the cultural capital of the UAE. The perfect display of cultural diversity and tolerance in the whole of the United Arab Emirates exists here. In addition, the city showcases a unique array of traditions, arts, and crafts.

Top 15 Things to do in Sharjah

1) Al Noor Mosque: visit the mosque that is open to travelers from across the world, no matter your beliefs or denomination. Explore one of the only mosques in the UAE that is open to non-Muslims. Visit the stunning mosque with its elaborate interior. 

2) Sharjah Fort: discover the famous 200 + year old fort, tucked in a cultural corner of the Heritage District. Visit Sharjah and it’s famous Fort. Trace the history of the area while visiting the exhibition areas and learning all about the fort’s past functions. 

3) Al Noor Island: if you’re feeling like a little eco escape amidst all the city center sightseeing, a leisurely gander along the Al Noor Island park is the perfect place. While you’re here, tour the butterfly house. Let an expert guide share fascinating facts on some of the 500 different species.

4) Souk Al-Jubai: the impressively large market, situated inside an equally remarkable dome building, sits on the waterfront. Let the many sights and scents guide you through the market. Sample an assortment of tasty treats: nuts, dried figs, fruits, vegetable and more! Whet your tastebuds with the incredible selection. 

5) City Sightseeing Bus: the best way to see all of the most famous sites, is with a Sharjah hop on hop off bus tour. Enjoy city center sightseeing on your own schedule. With an array of places to see in Sharjah, the way to save time is with a bus tour. 
6) Central Market: admire the blue tile work on the exterior of the city’s central market, also known as the Blue Souk. Think shopping mall, but 100% more cultural than any mall you’ve ever been to. Pass the afternoon strolling through the colorful market lanes. With over 600 shops, a selection of cafes and an authentic bazaar, you can wander around for hours. 

7) Museum of Islamic Civilization: wander the museum that now resides in the traditional Souq Al Majarrah. Explore the Islamic Art Galleries,

8) Sharjah Arts Museum: admire the collection of art exhibitions from both local and international artists. The famed art museum also holds an extensive art library and hosts events. You can even attend a presentation or take part in an educational program in their lecture or seminar hall.

9) Sharjah Heritage Area: step back into the past on an exploration of the region’s cultural past. The Heritage Area is home to many fantastic museums, all waiting for your exploration. 

10) Eye of the Emirates Wheel: check out the fantastic city and coastal views from the Emirates Wheel in the area of Al Qanat Qasba. 

11) Science Museum: visit the only hands-on interactive museum in the UAE. Fun for kids of all ages. Let your kids enjoy the play areas while you enjoy the other exhibits. 

12) Archaeology Museum: does tracing the history of humanity in the region strikes your fancy? Pay a visit to the museum that displays artifacts from the Stone Age, Ubaid period, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 

13) Al Qasba: looking for nightlife? The waterfront quarter of the city lights up as the sun starts to set. This area is also called the Al Majaz waterfront. Families, couples, or groups can enjoy the selection of top-notch restaurants and cafes along the canal. Also, the view from Al Qasba is sure to impress. While wandering the waterfront, the Al Montazah and Khalid Lagoon are worth checking out!

14) Aquarium & Maritime Museum: discover the importance of the sea to the city of Sharjah on your visit to one of the city’s main attractions. The featured exhibitions are sure to impress. 

15) Arabian Wildlife Centre: venture to desert park and discover the Arabian peninsula’s largest collection of fauna. Additionally, reserve a guided tour and maximize your visit. 

16) Venture Out: once you’ve explored everything there is in Sharjah, it’s time to head to the desert. Enjoy surfing some dunes or spending the night in a Bedouin-style camp.

The things to do in Sharjah are endless; however, with a few days in the city, you can check off all the main sights and attractions. Whether you’re traveling solo, with your partner, or your kids, you will surely enjoy your visit. The heart of Sharjah is full of beauty and waiting for you to explore all of its gems. 
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