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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 1 1:30h EN / ES / IT
EN / ES / IT

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Guided walking tour of Florence
Earphones will be provided only for groups with over 15 participants
Aperitif (drinks and snacks)
Walk over Ponte Vecchio, through the Uffizi Courtyard and see the Duomo Baptistery (exterior)
Travel insurance and other emergencies
Not Included
Hotel pick-up and drop off
Food, liquors, beers and bottled beverages

Mobile Voucher
Printed Voucher
Easy Cancellation
Key Details
Monday - Sunday
Collection point: My Tour Office - Via Martelli 33Red, Florence
Group: Max25 people

Before You Go

Prices for Children from 0-14 years old: free of charge

Check-in closes 30 min before departure

Earphones are included only for groups with over 15 participants

You must be able to climb and descend stairs

Return point: Florence, Via Cavour 26/28 Red


Ever wondered why we call Florence the birthplace of Renaissance? How did it flourish from a settlement to a bustling city? Why did the most celebrated artists found it so attractive? Solely visiting individual landmarks leaves you with a lot of scattered information. The best Florence tours are those that introduce you to the city as a whole.

The Welcome to Florence walking tour is a perfect way to shake hands and break the ice with this lovely city. Our expert guides will take you on a walk through the two thousand years of Florentine history; from Florence's Roman roots, through Renaissance to present day! You will unravel secrets surrounding Ponte Vecchio, the famous Uffizi courtyard, and Brunelleschi's Dome. At the end of the tour, we will treat you to a typical Italian aperitivo - drinks, and snacks - in a lovely restaurant close to the Duomo.

Activity Highlights

Florence is one of the most popular cities in Italy with an array of attractions to enjoy. However, if this is your first visit, the endless options are a bit overwhelming. It's not easy to wrap your mind around it all. Hence, choosing a Florence guided tour can give you a solid introduction and help you prioritize your holiday activities.

Booking our Welcome to Florence tour with aperitivo lets you explore the city in a nice leisurely manner while learning the history of its art and architecture. Our friendly expert guide will happily answer your questions and share tips on what to do in Florence. The cherry on the top of our walking tour is the traditional aperitivo which includes drinks and a buffet offering a combination of hot and cold snacks.

In addition to all that, a group larger than fifteen will receive earphones to ensure you don't miss a word of the guide's commentary. Plus, if your plans change, you can cancel your reservation up to one day before with a guaranteed refund!

History Sneak Peek

You might recognize Florence for its notable economic, political and artistic achievements during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. However, the city's history goes much deeper. Actually, the exquisitely elegant Florence was founded in 59 BC to serve as a heaven for military veterans. By whom? The (in)famous Julius Caesar himself! The foundations of the city are built according to a simple military design.

However, it was not for Florence to sit on the sidetracks of European history. Thanks to being situated on an exceptionally farmable land as well as on a major travel route between northern Italy and Rome, it grew into a bustling commercial hub. The city also became an important economic and banking center under the rule of the Medici banking family.

It's the rapid economic growth and development that created a perfect ambiance for artists and painters. This trend led to the establishment of the Accademia Gallery, formerly a school for aspiring Renaissance artists. Many of the most influential masters at the time gathered in the city to work on their masterpieces, including Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci.

These are nothing but crumbs of the stories waiting for you in the streets of Florence. Book our Welcome to Florence walking tour today and get the best scoop on the historical events and mysteries. Its one of the best Florence tours to introduce you to the city without confusion!


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