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★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 3 5h EN / SP / IT
EN / SP / IT

Key Details

Monday - Thursday - Saturday
Collection point: Piazza Gramsci (in front of Bar La Lizza), Siena
Group: Max 25 people


Licensed Guides
Mobile Voucher
Printed Voucher
Easy Cancellation

Before You Go

Prices for Children from 0-2 years old: free of charge

Check-in closes 30 min before departure

Small groups: maximum 20-25 participants

Vegetarian menu available upon request

In case of bad weather conditions, the dinner will take place at the estates restaurant

You must be able to climb and descend stairs

Optional: Pick-up and drop-off from/to accommodation to meeting point: 20,00 per person (infants from 0-2: free)


Travel by GT coach or minivan with air conditioning
Expert multilingual escorts
Visit of the estates wineries on a wine route inside the estate with tasting of wines
Dinner in the vineyards
Travel insurance and other emergencies

Not Included

Hotel pick-up and drop off
Food, liquors, beers and bottled beverages


Siena Food Tour: Dinner in the Chianti Vineyards

Leave behind the noise of Siena's urban life and enjoy a magical evening in the Chianti area. Our Siena Food Tour will take you to a romantic dinner in the vineyards paired with wine tasting.

Upon arriving at the rustic Tuscan estate, you will receive a wine glass to take along the tour of the farm's wineries. This way, you will be able to taste a selection of the ruby-red Chianti wines as the tour proceeds. Afterward, we will pay a visit to the quaint chapel on the estate's grounds. Finally, you will be ready for dinner, the main event of the evening. Every meal you taste will be a representation of Tuscan cuisine and made from fresh local products.


Tuscany isn't just about architectural and artistic masterpieces. The region has something in store for each of your senses. Booking Siena Food tour of Chianti with us means you will get to unwind on an enchanting evening. It's perfect for immersing yourself in aromas and tastes of the Tuscan countryside.

We selected the dinner location with an intention to pamper you with luxury. In the flickering intimate light of candles and torches, you will listen to local music mixed with noises of the nighttime countryside. All that while will accompany your authentic gastronomic experience! You will taste Ribollita or Pappa al Pomodoro as well as a juicy barbecue of meat combined with seasonal vegetables.

A Tuscan dinner in a quaint Chianti vineyard is one of the best Tuscany tours you could opt for. Saying goodbye to all those comforting smells of chiseling barbecue and wine will be hard.

History Sneak Peek

The region we know as Tuscany today is a former homeland of the advanced Etruscans. This was until the Romans overtook the area in 351 BC. However, after the fall of Roman Empire and a range of foreign rulers, Tuscany became a self-governed political entity.

Actually, Tuscans did so well that the flourishing Tuscan cities gradually acquired independence and formed independent republics. In the late Middle Ages, cities such as Pisa, Pistoia, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca, and Florence became prosperous centers of commerce, politics, and culture. However, step by step, Florence took over the other cities in the region. It was a long period of superiority and wealth for Florence!

Chianti has always had the perfect soil and climate for vineyards; Hence, the wine production had a huge impact on the area for centuries. Nowadays, just selected local wineries to have the privilege of calling their wine Chianti. While the Chianti recipes differ from winery to winery, they all have to comply with the strict DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) quality regulations.

Relax and book our lush and indulgent Siena food tour to Chianti. There is nothing like a romantic dinner in the vineyards to help you connect the heart and soul of Tuscany.


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
16 May 2018

there is nothing better than sipping on wine, having a few bites and watching the sun go down... coming back!

1 0
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
19 May 2018

Enjoyed very much the Tuscan dishes, especially having them in such a beautiful countryside. The pickup and the drive were great and overall, felt like a very authentic experience. Recommen!

1 0
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
18 May 2018
"Bea Y."

our minivan driver made us wait quite a while, but that was the only bad part, the rest was great, loved the food!

1 0

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