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Venetian glass factory tour
Watch an expert glass-blowing demonstration by a masterful craftsman
Receive a 20% discount on glass purchases in the factory shop
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Food, liquors, beers and bottled beverages

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Monday - Sunday
Collection point: Visit Today Office - Sestiere di San Marco, 171, Venice
Group: Max25 people

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Venice is a jewel box of imposing landmarks and artistic creations. However, not all pieces of Venetian art are ancient nor are they unattainable and confined to the floating city. You have probably heard about the intricate art of Venetian glass-making that produces incredible masterpieces. Colorful, fluid, imaginative, playful and elegant… this Venetian glass resembles more jewels than simple glass. Learning about the Venetian glassmaking process is like sailing to the far Orient with merchants and adventurers and discovering secret skills of distant lands. This insightful Glass Factory Tour Venice takes on an incredible journey behind the scene of ancient art. 

Entering a local glass factory, just steps away from St Mark’s Basilica, an experienced specialist will explain the ins and outs of the intricate glass making process. Besides, you will learn about different methods (such as blowing and sculpting) of creating glass designs and jewelry. The tour will culminate with an incredible live glass blowing demonstration. You will have the privilege watching a master glassmaker hard at work creating Venetian glass art right in front of your eyes as well as get a presentation of lucrative glass art in the factory showroom. Furthermore, included comes a substantial discount any of the glass art in the factory store.

Activity Highlights

Booking Glass Factory Tour Venice grants you an inside look into the ancient art of glassblowing right in the heart of the city. The tour allows you to watch a master craftsman work with and shape molten glass through a combination of blowing and sculptural techniques as well as heat. Thanks to the central location, the tour is especially suited for those who only have a day in Venice and don’t have the time to explore the city and its surroundings in more depth. Plus, a glass blowing demonstration is as strong and authentic an experience as a gondola ride Venice

History Sneak Peek

The roots of glassmaking in Venice date back to the Roman Empire. The Romans used molded glass for better illumination in their bathhouses. However, a true breakthrough in the craft came with the skills brought from the Byzantine Empire by merchants. Soon, Venice became the most prominent glass-manufacturing hub. In fact, it was as early as the 8th century. 

By the late 13th century, the refined glass production was the city’s primary industry leading to the establishment of the Glassmakers Guild. The guild laid out laws, rules, and regulations for the all the craftsmen so as to protect the secrets of the craft and ensure the profitability. For instance, the guild prohibited the importation of foreign glass into the city and forbade the employment of foreign glassmakers. 

Furthermore, Venice rewarded the craftsmen working in the glass trade very nicely. They enjoyed a privileged social status. And, even better, their daughters could marry into the richest Venetian families. By this clever approach, Venetian government made sure that the glassmakers motivated their children to carry on the trade and the glassmaking secrets thus stayed in the family. And this is just a beginning of a long story. If you are curious to find out more, reserve your Glass Factory tour Venice with Glass-blowing Demonstration today!


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