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Real Alcazar Seville Tickets And Tours

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Real Alcazar Seville Reviews
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The Royal Alcázar is one of the largest attractions in Seville and the south of Spain, as a whole. Famed for its beauty, elegance, and history, the Alcázar is, unsurprisingly, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Book your Alcázar Seville tickets, and don’t miss out on exploring the unusual and captivating architecture and ornate decoration around the complex. 

Visit the Royal Alcazar to learn about the history of the Moorish kings who once ruled. You can visit the Lion’s Gate, the Courtyard of Maidens, and the Hall of Ambassadors to name a few. There are various tickets for Alcázar available. You can buy the general admission Alcázar tickets, book an Alcázar tour or reserve your Alcázar Seville tickets in advance and skip-the-queue. You can also get a discounted “combi ticket” to both the Royal Alcazar, Seville Cathedral and more! Read on to find out more about Real Alcázar tickets. The key is to buy your tickets online and in advance.


Alcazar of Seville Skip-the-Line Ticket

 Purchase your general admission Alcázar palace tickets with skip-the-line access included. As one of the biggest attractions in Seville, there can be long queues (particularly since the ‘Real Alcázar’ has become an essential stop on the Game of Thrones destinations in Spain). Seville becomes busy in summer, but you should be prepared for long lines at the Alcazar throughout the year.


Your booking is for a specific time but, if too many people have booked for your chosen time, we will obtain the next available entry slot for you. When you are inside, you can stay for as long as you wish and continue browsing at your leisure! If you decide to wander alone, it’s highly recommended to purchase an audio guide to avoid missing out on key information. 

Alcázar Seville Guided Tour

Booking an Alcázar tour is money well spent. Enjoy a tour around the entire complex (the Royal Quarters, the Courtyard of Maidens, the Hall of Ambassadors, etc.) with an expert guide. One of many advantages of a guided tour over an audio tour is you will be able to ask any questions you like. Don’t worry; they are prepared for difficult questions from Game of Thrones fans!


There are three main options for group tours: morning tour, afternoon tour, and an Alcazar night tour. Tours are typically available in English, Spanish and French. The morning tour and the afternoon visits are generally the same. The duration is usually around 1.5 hours, allowing you enough time to fully explore the Royal Alcázar. The night tour is different, however. You’ll explore the whole of the Alcázar, go on a walking tour of Seville, and conclude with a live Flamenco performance in the ‘House of the Guitar’.

Alcázar Seville Private Tours

If you want the undivided attention of your tour guide plus a tour which goes at your pace, consider booking a private tour of the “Real Alcázar de Sevilla”. It doesn’t cost too much more and, in terms of your experience of the Alcázar of Seville, it’ll be so much more fulfilling! Private tours are available in English, Spanish and French. With a private tour, you can also skip-the-queue with your guide. This is the most comprehensive Alcázar tour on offer. Choose a time which suits you and get ready to explore!

Alcázar Seville Combination Tickets 

Combo tickets are a great way to save money. If you want to see even more of Seville, buy your Alcázar tickets in combination with tickets for other main attractions in Seville. A popular “combi ticket” is Alcázar Seville entrance with Seville Cathedral. The cathedral is the biggest Gothic building in the world. It is beautiful and awe-inspiring. La Giralda tower (a bell tower) can be accessed through the cathedral and is the highest viewpoint in the tallest building in Seville. You need to purchase a separate ticket to access these areas, or better yet, why not add it to your “combi ticket”? 


As a visit to the cathedral (and the Giralda) is highly recommended on a trip to Seville, it makes sense to buy your Alcázar Seville tickets together with your cathedral visit. Not only will you save time and money, but you’re also unlikely to change your mind!


What to see on a Seville Alcazar Tour  

  • Explore the wondrous mix of Christian and Mudéjar architecture.
  • Step inside the 14th century Palacio de Don Pedro.
  • Walk on the Game of Thrones set where “House Martell” was filmed. If you’re a fan, look out for two big filming locations: Patio del Crucero and the Baños de Doña Maria de Padilla.
  • Enter through the Puerta del León (the lion’s gate).
  • Visit the Cuarto Real Alto (the Upper Royal Quarters), an area which the Spanish royal family still uses.


When was Alcázar Seville built?

Construction on the original Moorish fort began in the 10th century. The current Royal Alcázar, however, began in the 14th century.

Is the Sevilla Alcázar open on Mondays?

Yes, entrance to the Alcázar is free on Mondays but, as a result, it is much more crowded. We recommend going on another day to avoid the crowds!

What are the Alcázar Seville hours?

April - September: Monday - Sunday, 09:30 - 17:00 

October - March: Monday - Sunday, 09:30 - 17:00

Closed: Good Friday, Christmas, 1st and 6th January


Where is the Royal Alcázar Seville?

The Real Alcázar is in the district of San Bernardo, near the center of Seville and next to the University of Seville. The address is Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Seville.

Why should I make a Royal Alcázar online booking?

If you don’t make Alcazar Seville reservations, you may find the attraction is fully booked when you arrive. You will also find the best value for your Alcázar Seville tickets when you buy your Alcázar tickets online.

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