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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, commonly called Las Palmas, is a sun-drenched city, port, as well as the capital of Las Palmas province in the Canary Islands region of Spain. Sitting on the northeastern coast of Gran Canaria, it is not only the largest city on the island but also the hub of its social life. Every traveler is greeted with a splurge of activities and things to in Las Palmas! The city was founded in 1478 at the mouth of a deep, narrow valley squeezed in between rocky mountainsides. Its name, quite obviously, comes from the abundance of palms in the area. Besides the lovely shade of swaying palm trees, the city offered a great strategic point the Spanish conquest of Tenerife and later even served as a major supply port for the ships heading to the new world.
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Top things to do in LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA

Hike Down a Volcanic Crater

The Bandama Caldera is one of the largest extinct volcano craters on the Island of Las Palmas. A 20-minute bus ride will take you to this 5,000-year-old crater located deep in the Island’s wine country. Once there you can hike up to the Pico de Bandama, 569 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views over the Island. Or, go the other way and take the 200-meter descent (takes about 30 minutes) to the base of the Caldera. Here you can explore the different colors of ash that cover the grounds and the abundant wild and plant life. Wanted to know what to do in Las Palmas? Now you know where to start.

Relax at Playa de las Canteras

Located in the middle of the city is Las Canteras, a 3 km stretch of sandy beach voted one of the best city beaches in the world. Part and parcel of its high estimation is the Paseo de la Canteras, its seaside promenade. Here cyclists, walkers and joggers alike can move up and down the boardwalk free of obstruction and without the worry of cars. It also boasts an excellent array of restaurants, bars and cafes to dip into for a beer or meal. If you’re looking for a place to pitch up and settle into for an afternoon of sun lounging and swimming while you draw up a list of things to do in Las Palmas, Las Canteras beach is the perfect spot. 

Visit Vegueta

Of the many Las Palmas attractions, the old town of Vegueta, is an absolute must. Here, quiet cobbled streets, historical, old stone buildings and squares are very much the order of the day. Climb up narrow staircases to get a sense of what the founding settlement that later birthed Las Palmas was like. You can visit the Casa-Museo de Colón, a superb example of Canarian architecture documenting Christopher Columbus’s voyages. Or, you can spend an afternoon browsing the stalls at the Vegueta market offering everything from fresh produce to traditional clothing, ceramics and jewelry. 


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The oldest houses clustered together in the colonial quarter of Vegueta in the city date back as far as the 15th century. The neighborhood is an absolute delight with its narrow streets, bananas, papayas and even cacti sprouting above the walls. 

In 1996, a climatologist Thomas Whitmore published a book named Pleasant Weather Ratings and claimed Las Palmas to be the city with the best climate in the whole world. While its year-round sunshine is hard to beat, there are more reasons to visit Las Palmas. Not far from Vegueta is the historical Santa Ana Cathedral offering breathtaking views of the harbor from its bell tower. 

But what to do in Las Palmas besides sightseeing? Well, you can head to Triana, the city’s vibrant shopping area adorned with fabulous Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings. Better yet, throw all your worries away at Las Canteras, the vast sandy beach embroidered with an array of little bars, cafes, and restaurants. It’s hardly possible to find a better spot to relax and kick back. Las Palmas tourist attractions have a spice of their own, but the possibility of combining them with a bit of sand and sea make it a destination with something for every type of traveler. Browse through the page to learn about more fun things to do in Las Palmas. 

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