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Catalonia (Cataluña in Spanish; Catalunya in Catalan) is an autonomous community and region of Spain. Thanks to its prosperous industry, agriculture, and tourism, it is the wealthiest part of this charismatic European country. Hence, it’s not hard to find interesting places to visit things to do in Catalonia. Catalonia became an autonomous community on December 18, 1979. Its government consists of Generalitat (an executive council led by a president) and resides in Catalonia’s free-spirited capital, Barcelona. Its every corner resonates with pride, passion, and homey comfort. Encompassing the lovely provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona, and Lleida, Catalonia occupies a triangular area in the northeast of Spain. 
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Barcelona is a grand seaside metropole with bohemian character, dynamic culture, fabled architecture and world-class gastronomy. Being the capital of Catalonia and one of the most visited cities in Spain, Barcelona offers an exhilarating mix of the local and international. Whatever it is you are after, the things to do in Barcelona won't disappoint you.

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Girona is the largest city in the northern part of Catalonia. Visiting it is like opening an antique jewelry box decorated with cobbled gothic streets, lovely old churches, museums, galleries, and medieval city walls. Indeed, Girona is an ancient settlement with over hundred thousand inhabitants. Click to discover more of what to do in Girona!

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Tarragona is the first larger seaside town as you travel south of Barcelona. In this vivacious port town, Roman history coexists in a curious balanced symbiosis with beaches, bars, and the gastronomic scene that makes your mouth water. The generous selection of Spanish plazas filled with tapas bars and cafes will enchant you.

What to do in CATALONIA

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What Makes CATALONIA Special


When you visit Catalonia, you may be surprised to learn that Catalan is not a dialect, but a language that has its origins in the vulgar Latin spoken by the Roman who colonized Tarragona. The Language also flourishes in Valencia, the Balearic Isles, the principality of Andorra and the Sardinian town of Alghero. 

Culture and Traditions

On the feast day of Immaculate Conception (December 8), Catalan families dress up a Tió de Nadal (caga tió), a festival "poo log." Nothing better encapsulates the Catalan culture like this quirky little Christmas tradition.The region's vibrant culture will never leave you short on things to do in Catalonia. Especially so, if you visit Barcelona.

Cava and Cuisine

This region of Spain is a foodie's paradise, offering up some of the best in locally grown vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, cheeses, and bread. Oh, and let's not forget the bubbly bliss of a crisp glass of cava, the regions answer to Champagne. Moreover, Catalonia hosts over fifty Michelin-starred restaurants.

Things to do in CATALONIA

It borders with the Mediterranean Sea to the east; France and Andorra to the north; Valencia region to the south; and Aragon region to the west. The Pyrenees standing guard on the border with France will impress you with their voluptuous greenery, while the sandy beaches of the coast will disarm you with sunshine and blue horizon.  
Since the coastal towns are more industrial, they have dominated the economic development of the region. However, Catalonia's agriculture is not any less successful. The area boasts with production and export of quality wine, almonds, olive oil, grapes and much more. The hot, dry summers and mild winters create perfect conditions to produce these Catalan staples as well as welcome millions of curious travelers.
One thing is sure; wherever you find yourself in Catalonia, you will be surrounded by tempting activities, artistic masterpieces, flamboyant culture and succulent gastronomy. The remarkable beaches of Costa Brava, the works of famous architects and artists such as Gaudí and Dalí, and the world-renowned cuisine, make Catalonia one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. Traveling around the region, you will come across so many exciting things to do in Catalonia, you won’t even know where to begin. Check out the page for travel ideas, tours, and activities in the region before you visit Catalonia!

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