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The times and days when the Sagrada Familia is open to the pubic may occasionally due to special events taking place inside the basilica.

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The city of Barcelona, among other things, is famous for the fluid modernist architecture bursting with shapes, colors, and textures. Modernist jewel, La Sagrada Familia, is one of the most impressive churches in the world, and it’s not even complete! It forms an indispensable part of the city’s skyline.The architect behind it is Antoni Gaudi. He dressed the church in colors, shapes, and patterns inspired by nature, making it like no other Roman Catholic church in the world. Naturally, it’s one of the busiest landmarks in Barcelona. Thanks to our Sagrada Familia Tickets you can avoid hours of standing in queues. Simply enjoy and benefit from a fast track access to Gaudi’s masterpiece.

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The winter is here and with a generous dose of chilly weather. However, we are determined to keep your Barcelona experience warm with a bit of good will! If you buy our Sagrada Familia Tickets online today you will get an informative tour of the Basilica in English for FREE!  


Barcelona summers get unbearably hot and crowded while winters bring along chilly winds from the sea. Whatever the case, you don’t want to spend hours queuing in a line winding around the whole Sagrada. Being a part of an anxious, impatient, and stressed crowd doesn’t sound like a fun holiday activity! Moreover, in the busiest periods, Sagrada Familia opening times cannot always accommodate all eager visitors on a spontaneous whim.

The entry to the basilica always pertains to a particular time slot. The system helps protect landmark and prevent overcrowding. With us, you can book the Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets and Sagrada Familia Tour online from the comfort of your home or hotel room. The fast track tickets will let you enter this architectural wonder with speed and efficiency.

In addition to all that, we also offer last-minute tickets, even in the busiest of times! Unlike when purchasing the official tickets, we let you cancel your booking with a full refund if you do so at least 24 hours in advance.

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History Sneak Peek

The architectural design so typical for Sagrada Familia today was not always the intention!

The construction kicked off in the 19th century. Barcelonian bookseller, José María Boca Bella, wanted a church dedicated to the holy family (Sagrada Familia). Initially, he entrusted the planning and construction to the architect of the Diocese, Francisco del Villar. However, the two men didn't get along, and the Villar barely finished the crypt before he was fired.

Subsequently, in 1883, Boca Bella hired a young visionary Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi, to supervise the project. We are so glad he did!

La Sagrada Familia became Gaudi’s life work. He poured into it all his ideas of nature-inspired modernist design and combined them with religious symbolism. He worked on it tirelessly until his untimely death on June 10, 1926. Given Sagrada’s extravagant design and size, the public started to refer the church as “the Cathedral.” However, it was only a church. That is until 2010 when Pope Benedict XVI promoted the status of the church toBasilicailica of the Sagrada Familia.

The basilica is still under construction and we hope to see it in all its glory by 2026. At the moment, only two of its many towers are accessible to visitors. It’s hard to say which one is the best tower to visit at Sagrada Familia. They both offer a lovely view!

Book your Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets with us!

Before You Go

  • Please, arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before your chosen time so you don't lose your time slot.
  • A student must carry ID to collect the tickets
  • Cover your knees and shoulders 
  • Children under 6 are not allowed inside the towers 

What is Included

  • Fast track entrance ticket
  • Reservation fees and Taxes
  • Free cancellation
  • The entrance to the Museum Sagrada Familia in the semi-basement under the Passion facade
  • Tour guide (unless option selected)
  • Audio guide (unless option selected)
  • Access to the Passion or Nativity Tower (unless option selected)

Meeting Point/ Departure Point

Visit Europa Today - Carrer Sardenya, 311 Local 3, 08025 Barcelona (Spain)



Outstanding: don't miss this. A standout amongst the most Interesting spots I've ever been. You should purchase your fast access tickets ahead of time.

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What an amazing! Must see Sagrada Familia if you travel to Barcelona. Having the ticket in advance will let you skip the long queue.

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Wow, The colors and architecture of the Sagrada are amazing, I have never seen anything like it!

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You must visit Sagrada Familia becoz it's amazing and even more beautiful than outside. This is something that everyone should visit.

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I and my family went to Barcelona and we had the wonderful experience of Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

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Recently been to Barcelona and visited Sagrada Familia. This place is always busy with full of tourist. I recommend you buy your tickets in advance and make sure it skips the line.

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"First attraction of Barcelona"

The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia , It's the first attraction of Barcelona, in my opinion Gaudi’s best work even unfinished; the inside of this Basilica is awsome ,the lighting in the evening coming through the window which is stunning. I recommend visit inside of Sagrada with a guided tour, Our guide tour was a lovely Spanish man he is by far the best guide that I have ever had, who has a good knowledge of history and other subjects also.he was one of those people, that no matter the where we are, they can make you laugh even in the Basilica.

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"Best ever tour"

The guide was very helpful and he had a good knowledge of the history of Sagrada Familia. Great experience

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