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Things To Do In SICILY

Sicily is not only one of Italy’s remarkable regions but also its largest islands. Located on the southern tip of the country, it is separated from the mainland by 5 km Straits of Messina. Not by one but three different seas encircle the island: the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian, and the Mediterranean Seas. This rugged island is one of the highlights of Southern Italy having something to offer for everyone. You can explore this region through its traditions, nature, historical heritage or cuisine. Whichever path you take, it won't disappoint. So, let’s have a look at things to do in Sicily to make for an unforgettable trip!
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Explore Sicily by CITIES

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As you approach Agrigento, it may not immediately appear as an appealing prospect. However, don’t let the converging elevated motorways, noisy traffic and rough industrial structures of its outer ring fool you. Hiding behind all this is an alluring medieval heart of the city with rich history and lively evening buzz. Running straight through the town’s medieval core is the attractive Via Atenea lined with lovely trattorias, bar and specialty shops. Winding off the main street, pass historic churches and palaces are countless alleys worth exploring. The historic heritage of Agrigento and its surrounding make this one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. So, if you are crazy about the old and ancient, you already know what to do in Sicily. Visit Agrigento and its many sights such as the city’s Norman Cathedral and Palazzo Celauro or the Valley of the Temples beneath the hill.

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Located on the North Western side of Sicily, lies the capital of the region. It is here you find the port city of Palermo, pulsing with a vibrant culture and surrounded by history. It’s no wonder, they hold the status of Italy’s Culture Capital for 2018! Full of enchanting monuments, historical sites, and cultural wonders, Palermo should be on your list of places to see in Sicily. A stop in the Piazza di Vigliena (Known as Quattro Canti) is where you’ll find the intersection of the two oldest streets in the city, Via Maqueda and Vittorio Emanuele. You could easily spend time here marveling at the architectural beauty of one of the 4 fountains in the piazza. Full of life, the center is decorated with many shops and restaurants lining the main streets. Wander through the Gardens of Palms, enjoying a breath of fresh air and enter the Cathedral of Palermo for your fill of history. Live the local vibe in Palermo; feel this dynamic city come to life in front of your eyes.

What Makes SICILY Special

The island of Sicily is home to the greatest active volcano in Europe, Etna. Over the centuries of eruptions, the volcano gave Sicily unique landscapes and natural wonders which shaped not only the terrain of the island but also its culture. Today, you can admire the Sicily’s beauty in its many protected natural parks riddled with stunning views. Visit Valle del Bove where walls reach up to 1000 mt or the Grotta del Gelo which constitutes the only existing perpetual glacier at this latitude. Though don’t limit yourself only to the main island. The little pearls scattered around Sicily are as impressive. Pantelleria island, for example, is famous for its Pertusa di Notaro (a cave with incredibly cold air passing through) and ancient stone houses called dammusi. If you are ever unsure about what to do in Sicily, heading outdoors is an excellent idea!

Sicily sits on the crossroads of the Mediterranean. Hence, through the course of history, it has fallen under the rule of many different civilizations. It wasn’t just one or two different cultures. No. Sicily has been Phoenician/Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, Vandal, Ostrogoth, Arab, Norman, part of Holy Roman Empire, Angevin, Aragonese, Savoy, Austrian Habsburg, Bourbon and at last Italian. All these cultures left behind unique pieces of art, architecture as well as traditions. On just a short walk through Palermo, you can encounter Byzantine mosaics, Arab domes, and Norman palace walls. Whichever part of the island you visit, you won’t escape the variety of cultural influences which continues to be one of the island’s most popular highlights. The diversity also translated into local cuisine. Hence, don’t be surprised if each Sicilian city presents you with its dishes and cooking style completely different from the next.

Despite the unarguable beauty of the landscape, the undisputed ruler of this land is the sea. In Sicily, the sea opens you up to a wide selection of activities. Whether you love to chill on the beach catching suntan; snorkel to observe the marine life and seabeds; windsurf or kitesurf taming the waves, Sicily won’t leave you hanging. To experience pristine white sand beach, head to San Vito lo Capo; if in search of a unique beach experience on a white rock formation visit Scala dei Turchi; to explore seaside coves and grottos stroll along the coast at Lo Zingaro; Last but not least, to go off the grid and get touch with wildlife stop by Torre Salsa frequented by falcons and loggerhead sea turtles. Sicilian beaches are absolutely fabulous; Still unspoiled! Do you want to get away even further from the world? Then set out to explore the numerous tiny islands scattered in the vicinity of this volcanic giant!

Things to do in SICILY

The Great Outdoors 

The outdoorsy types will have plenty to revel in. Why? Sicily has been endowed with pretty much all natural wonders one could wish for. Here you can find mountains, hills, islands as well as a crystal clear sea. Interested in breathtaking landscapes? Choose from the numerous protected reserves in Etna's natural parks. For instance, the Madonie and the Nebrodi parks as well as Pantelleria, boast enchanting oases such as Pertusa di Notaro (a natural cave noted for the extremely fresh air that passes through it), and dammusi (the typical Sicilian old stone houses). To have your mind blown visit Valle del Bove with natural walls 1000 m (3200 feet) high or the Grotta del Gelo (Ice Cave), the only perpetual glacier that exists at this latitude. You can explore all this trekking, horseback riding or on a mountain bike. The choice is yours. 

Ways to Enjoy the Sea 


Still, the undisputed queen of this ancient land is the sea which you can enjoy in many different ways. You can relax on one of the many coastal beaches, dive to explore the seabeds or raise your adrenalin with windsurfing and kitesurfing. In Sicily, the power of the sea and wind come together allowing you to feel the thrill of “flying” over the clear blue waters. You can try these sports all year round at San Vito lo Capo, Marina di Ragusa, Mondello, Cefalù, Taormina, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, the Aeolian Islands, and Ustica. 


What else to do in Sicily?


Is that all? Not even close! The island offers a considerable share of thermal cures. Thanks to the volcanic activity, Sicily offers a wide range of spa treatments and wellness centers that are ready to spoil you various regenerating, therapeutic and even beauty treatments. The most famous spas include Sciacca and Thermae of Acireale. Also, in recent years, Sicily has become a major destination for golf lovers. Several state-of-the-art courses settled on the island which host today already famous Sicily Open.


A Paradise for Culture and History Buffs


Lover of cultural tourism won’t be disappointed either. Sicily is a rich source of knowledge, history, culture, and art. The island has been home to many different cultures and inspiration to many artists. Those who want to travel back in time can indulge in endless sightseeing options that include Greek temples, Greco-Roman theatre, Norman cathedrals or Arab villas. 

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