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Things To Do In ENGLAND

England is famous for having a rich but controversial history of traveling the world and returning with new traditions, customs and cultures adopted into English life. When looking for things to do in England, you have an abundance of thoroughly English sites to explore and activities to partake in. For example, there’s the famous English pub culture, Royal family, amazing parks and sites of natural beauty as well as a plethora of monuments celebrating and commemorating the history of the country and its people.Places to see in England are countless, so you will never be stuck! The time of year that you visit will dictate what to do in England. For instance, enjoy the parks and beaches all Summer, but don’t even think about the beach in Autumn or Winter! Brrrrr! The wind is unforgiving. Still, any time of year is perfect to explore this diverse country.
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London is one of England’s most popular cities and no matter the time of year, there is always something to do here! World famous sites and monuments such as Big Ben, Nelson’s Column, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, a plethora of places to see like natural history museums and beautiful green parks are waiting for you to explore!

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Oxford is home to one of England's (and the world’s) most esteemed Universities. There are many more things to do in Oxford, museums, amazing architecture, Britain's oldest botanic garden to wander around, open-air theatres to enjoy a show on a summer evening and a 1000-year-old castle/prison where you can stay the night!

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Liverpool is famous for its rich musical, sporting and societal history. There are so many things to do in Liverpool such as see a match played by one of the worlds greatest sporting teams; the world's first commercial dock and dive in to explore the home and history of world famous scouse music group, the Beatles and visit Cavern Club!

What to do in ENGLAND

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What Makes ENGLAND Special


England is a popular destination, and the 106 Universities are a big part of that. The kudos of studying here looks great on a CV and there is a heavy priority on fun meaning students are sure to have a great time. If you’re looking for places to see in England, even if you’re not studying, the old university buildings are well worth exploring!


Castles are a throwback to centuries past when we needed to protect the community from invaders! The world is safer now (sort of) but castles remain as gateways to the past. See the structures and learn how people lived inside the enormous walls! Visiting one of the many castles has to be top of the list of places to see in England.


Whichever way you take it, tea is a lovely way to start the day, relax at work, after work or before bed, any time of day really. Just hearing the noise of the kettle boiling water is relaxing (it’s scientifically proven) so if you’re thinking of English things to do in England, experiment and find your favorite way to have tea! Make sure to try the scones and finger sandwiches.

Things to do in ENGLAND

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