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The UK encompasses the great England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s an extremely popular destination for many travelers, with so many different places to visit. You can always find a plethora of things to do in the UK as it has such a varied landscape, history and culture. You want to experience the outdoors and camping? No problem there are huge parks, mountains and forests. Maybe you prefer to get some culture and history, there are plenty of places to visit in the UK with a wide variety of monuments, galleries and museums, from local artists to national museums with relics from centuries past to enormous ancient & natural history, sport or transport museums.
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England boasts an eclectic mix of people, food and cultures so you will have a huge choice of what to see in the UK. Visit world-famous castles sprinkled throughout the country. There is so much to do and such a wide variety of monuments, sites and parks that you could go on a year-long tour and still have more to do!

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Beautiful coastlines, lochs, ancient castles that demand to be explored. Lively nightlife and fantastic natural highland scenery to enjoy. Scotland is the living, breathing proof there is a variety of places to see in the UK. Scotland is home to some of the finest sporting traditions in the UK and the rest of the world as well as being famous for its own food and whiskey.


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Royal Family

Something that sets the UK apart for many other countries is their Royal family. The Royals draw thousands of tourists each year; most stopping by for a visit to the incredible places to see in the UK include royal palaces, castles, churches and estates. Visit Buckingham Palace or Windsor for an unforgettable royal experience.

The Weather

British weather truly has a reputation for being whimsical. Switching swiftly from the sun to rain, the weather is always a topic of conversation. You will never be bored when it comes to British weather. If you are after “truly British” things to do in the UK, strike a conversation about the weather with a stranger! 

Pub Culture

It's not always about what to see in the UK. Sometimes it's the culture that makes the place. The pub culture in the UK is quite unlike anywhere else. You’ll find pubs on many street corners often with a heated terrace or comfy chairs inside. Jovial atmospheres play host to after-work meetings, family meals, catching up and relaxing with friends.

Things to do in THE UNITED KINGDOM

When you’re looking for things to do in the UK, your choices often vary by the time of year. On warmer days people will explore the fantastic parks, zoos, world famous sites and monuments and even enjoy a few hours at the beach. It’s a little colder here than in mainland Europe so on rainy days people often take the opportunity to head inside to the pubs and enjoy a drink and some food with friends or wander around the museums and galleries.

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