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Edinburgh is a city of great beauty. Both the natural occurrences and man-made structures are bound to take your breath away. This gives Edinburgh an edge over many other big European cities which have long since lost their appreciation for nature. So, whether you like a bit of history, art, magic or outdoorsy fun, there are plenty of things to do in Edinburgh.
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Top things to do in EDINBURGH

Visit Edinburgh Castle

There are a ton of places to see in Edinburgh, and you will never be stuck for interesting activities! Edinburgh Castle is undoubtedly the main attraction, perched atop Castle Rock offering great views of the city and the lush Princes Gardens underneath. See Mons Meg, the world's most famous medieval gun, capable of shooting cannon balls for 2 miles! The 34 meters deep well that supplied the castle with water, fascinating exhibitions and statues depicting scenes from centuries past. You will also get to peek into a real medieval prison! Visit Edinburgh Castle to enjoy these fascinating historical relics and artifacts!

Go on a Ghost Tour

A ghost tour is one of the creepiest, most interesting things to do in Edinburgh. Head into the vaults on a guided tour to learn about gruesome activities that took place and creepy ghouls. Ghouls such as ‘Mr. Boots’ as he has become known colloquially. Although legend says that he does not like this sobriquet and if he hears, he’ll come after you! Head to Greyfriars Churchyard near Old Town to learn about two spirits at opposite ends of the spectrum. The terrible Mackenzie Poltergeist and the loyal Greyfriars Bobby, a small dog who guarded the grave of his owner until he himself passed away.

Climb Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh is said to be built on seven hills, the most famous of all being Arthur’s Seat. Found at the end of the Royal Mile on a dormant volcano, and home to rare plant and animal species. Climbing Arthur’s Seat is a relatively easy hike even for people who aren’t experienced hikers, and the views at the top are some of the best in Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat is said to be one of the possible locations for Camelot, a legendary castle of King Arthur. It is the highest point in Holyrood Park and offers various routes to take depending on how easy or difficult you’d like your excursion to be. Whatever your choice, the view will be equally rewarding. 


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Things to do in EDINBURGH

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is almost certainly the main attraction of the city and is a MUST on your list of things to do in Edinburgh. Standing atop a hill overlooking the city, the castle is one of the most spectacular places to see in Edinburgh. It will almost certainly provoke thoughts of scenes from centuries past, looking something from ‘Dracula’ or even of Hogwarts.

Be sure to go and explore the castle for yourself to see the worlds most famous medieval canon. Mons Meg, it launched 150kg canon balls up to 2 miles towards enemies! It won’t be firing anything today but makes for a great stop off on a tour. Visit St Margarets Chapel, the oldest building in the castle and the Fore Well, what was once the castles water supply.


Castle Rock, on which Edinburgh Castle is built is one of the famous seven hills of Edinburgh, and the views are astounding. For better, you’ll have to head to one of the other six. The most famous being Arthur’s Seat. A dormant volcano and the highest peak of the seven. Take a tour of Arthur’s Seat and the surrounding areas for the best views of Edinburgh. It is an interesting hike and a very easy, pleasant walk, even if you’re not an experienced hiker. Head a little further to the outer limits of the city to Braid Hills or Corstorphine Hill to visit Edinburgh Zoo.

Art in Edinburgh

The National Gallery of Modern Art is the place for art lovers looking for things to do in Edinburgh. The gallery is free to enter and has a plethora of interesting exhibitions, galleries and grounds to explore. Making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon exploring work of famous artists such as Picasso and Lucien Freud.

Great Festivals

There’s also a reason to visit Edinburgh for party-goers, 12 reasons actually, festivals! The city hosts 12 major festivals (mostly in August) with over 1000 shows per day! There is the Edinburgh International film festival, Fringe Festival, Magic Festival, Jazz Festival and more.

Ghosts, Hauls and Gory Histories

If you’re looking for something a little more creepy and less outdoorsy, go on an underground ghost tour or head to Edinburgh Dungeons. Learn all about the spooky ghost stories, terrible murders, torture chambers, and ghostly apparitions! The dungeons will almost certainly give you a fright, and learning about the aftermath of the bubonic plague, a disease which swept throughout the country, will give you the chills!

Royal Mile Strolls

Meander along the Royal Mile, located in the old town, the Royal Mile is the main street in Edinburgh. If you manage not to get distracted by the interesting places off the main path, at the end of this route, you’ll find St Giles Cathedral. The Cathedral has 900 years of history, ready and waiting for you to discover!

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