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Things To Do In SRI LANKA

Located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of subcontinental India, is the island of Sri Lanka. The tiny island, no more than roughly 65 thousand sq km in area, showcases a diverse landscape of culture and traditions, and stunning World Heritage Sites. Some people know Sri Lanka for its scenic views, ancient heritage, and pristine beaches. Others identify the country by the great hardships they’ve experienced. Despite the conflict that has taken place in the past, Sri Lanka has been able to stand strong. The country continues to nurture its tourism industry, offering visitors a high degree of safety and comfort while on their holidays. If you’re looking for things to do in Sri Lanka, know that you won’t be short of options. There are countless day tour packages and all inclusive holiday packages in Sri Lanka to suit every type of traveler.
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Visit Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka, and the economic capital of the country. Located on the west coast, Colombo is a bustling commercial center with a perfectly balanced mix of new and old. Discover the city’s diverse heritage, stunning Buddhist temples, tranquil parks, colorful market stalls, and vibrant nightlife.

What to do in SRI LANKA

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What Makes SRI LANKA Special


Are you wondering what to do in Sri Lanka? Why not taste the local specialties, of course! The cuisine in Sri Lanka is a melting pot of influence and cooking styles thanks to its geographical location. If you have an inclination for spicy curry, all things sweet and sour, and are of the adventurous sorts, you’ll love the food on the island. 

Sacred Places

Making a stop at one of the sacred places to visit in Sri Lanka is a must. You can start by exploring one of the many areas of worship around the island. Discover the ancient temples or wander the city ruins in search of tranquility. A visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Gangaramaya Temple, or the Dambulla Cave Temple is sure to leave you in awe. 

Vibrant Culture

Known as a cultural paradise, Sri Lanka is the perfect mix of new and old. Visit Sri Lanka to experience the vibrant culture of the Sinhalese people. Feel the warm Sri Lankan hospitality and inviting welcome the moment you arrive. Connecting with the locals and immersing yourself in the culture is sure to leave you with the best of memories.

Things to do in SRI LANKA

To fully appreciate the island, an in-depth exploration of the county’s vibrant history is needed. Also, you will want to invest time in discovering its ancient ruins and interacting with the locals. There’s a mystery in the land, culture, and way of life that shines through once you take the time to discover Sri Lanka fully. Whether you are a foodie, looking to sample the local cuisine, or an adventure enthusiast heading out on another adventure, Sri Lanka has it all, and then some!

Why Visit Sri Lanka? 

For many people, Sri Lanka may seem like a little known island with not a whole lot to explore. However, once you start to do some investigating, you quickly realize the countless options for things to do in Sri Lanka. If you love learning about the culture, art, and cuisine, venture to the country’s largest city, Colombo (and capital). Alternatively, you can head out on a day trip to the following locations (must-see spots):
  • Nuwara Eliya District
  • Adams Peak (East of Colombo)
  • Arugam Bay (Stunning beaches on the East Coast)
  • Lion Rock (N.E of Dambulla)
  • Ella Rock (S.E of Candy)

Undiscovered Beauty Awaits

Lose yourself in the beauty of Sri Lanka as you explore its stunning landscapes. From rolling hills to lush rainforests, waterfalls, and tea fields, the country has some of the most remarkable landscapes in the world. Aside from the diverse and rugged terrain, there is a rich abundance of wildlife, especially within the Minneriya National Park, Yala National Park, and the Uda Walawe National Park. Head out on a Safari adventure and catch a glimpse of elephants, panthers, wild buffaloes, crocodiles, and many unusual species of birds. If you’re wondering what so see in Sri Lanka, the savannah is surely one of them!

Must-Visit Attractions

Whether you are interested in sightseeing, visits to temples, or ancient ruins, you can see it all in Sri Lanka. Don’t miss the following attractions! 
  • Find peace among the monasteries and dagobas throughout the island.
  • Cross off the Temple of the Tooth from your bucket list.
  • Stroll the tea plantations to see where the world’s largest tea production is found.
  • Visit the Beira Lake and admire the stunning landscape.
  • Venture out to the Sigiriya Rock Fortress for unmatched views. 
  • Explore the Royal Palace of Kandy.

Exports & Industry

Sri Lanka, is most famous for producing the legendary Ceylan tea, although, this isn’t the only typical export of the country. Some of the world’s best coconut, coffee, precious stones, and constructed rubber come from within the island. Also, one of Sri Lanka’s key industries is tourism. Visitors come from all across the world to discover the incredible gems on the island. Visit this fascinating country and explore all the wonderful things to do in Sri Lanka. 

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