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The Best Cheap Eats Rome Has On Offer Near The Main Attractions

Where to eat in Rome on a budget while taking in the sights? If you’re looking for cheap eats Rome has got you covered. No matter where you are in the city, or which attraction you are visiting, there will always be some reasonably priced but delicious Roman food nearby! We’ve got some great suggestions if you’re planning on eating out in Rome (which we highly recommend you do). Great food does not have to come at a high price or at a long distance from some of the attractions you’re likely to visit!


Pane & Vino” is an excellent choice if you’re wondering where to eat in Rome near the Colosseum on a budget. The deli/grill serves mouthwatering burgers and also has vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. The average price range here is €4 - €10. Not bad eh? Another great option is “Caffe Celio”, equally close to the Colosseum and only a tad more expensive (the average meal is still around €10 though!). They do delicious sandwiches, fresh pasta, salads and, of course being a café, coffee. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner in Rome!

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St Peter’s Basilica

If you’re looking for places to eat in Rome near St. Peter’s Basilica, “E.G.G.” is a great place to know about. It might not have the best pasta in Rome but it’s certainly very good! The average price of a pasta dish is about €6. When you take the quality of food and the location into account, this place is seriously good value! As everyone knows, pizza is synonymous to Italy; join in this cultural and gastronomic feature while traveling on a shoestring. Look no further than “Pizza Zizza Caffetteria Birreria Desserteria”. The name’s quite a mouthful but so is the food! It’s also one of the closest Rome restaurants to St. Peter’s Basilica!

Roman Forum

Remember, when you’re at Roman Forum, you’ll be right next to the Colosseum so you won’t be far from the cheap eats Rome has near there. It’s also near an excellent pizza restaurant called “La Prezzemolina”. This is one of the most popular pizzerias in the city. If you’ve never tried the traditional Roman pizza “Pizza Bianca”, you can try it here. “White Pizza” is simply topped with olive oil and salt (no tomato sauce). The restaurant serving up this tasty treat is cheap, delicious, family-friendly, and has vegetarian and vegan options too! You’ll also be near “Pannela Carmela”, a deli selling top quality wine and excellent sandwiches!


Where to eat in Rome when you’re at the beloved Pantheon? “Lievito 72” has to be the winner in this area. The average price for a meal here is around 12 euros. It’s a little bit more, but if you can spare the extra few euros, you’ll be compensated with a filling and delicious experience. Pizza is their specialty but they have lots of other Mediterranean-styled food on offer too. There’s an ice cream shop called “Cremeria Monteforte” which is also technically the closest food outlet to the Pantheon. You can’t neglect your sweet tooth when you’re looking for the cheap eats Rome has to offer!

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