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Top 15 Romantic Places in Italy: Eco-Friendly Escapes

When daydreaming about your perfect romantic getaway, I’m sure you’ve imagined jet setting off to Italy with your sweetheart, at least once or twice. Italy is synonymous with Romance, and it’s no wonder why. I had... Read More

  • Find the best paella in Barcelona (Avoid tourist traps!)

    The food in Spain is famous all over the world, delicious traditional tapas,  bravas and paella. Today we'll be focusing on my favorite of the three. If you’ve ever tried paella you’ll have already enjoyed the rice, the oil, and either rabbit or seafood. The ingredients to your paella can vary, usually by the... Read More

  • Exploring the World of Sparkle: Types of Sparkling Wine

    I never was too much a fan of bubbly until I started traveling. Up until then, I only remember ever having it on New Year's Eve or at a wedding. Well, let me tell you, trying different types of sparkling wine in new... Read More

  • Glamping or Camping: Which One is Best For You?

    Glamping or Camping? What is glamping? And what is the difference between glamping and camping? This is what we’ll be looking at today, so you can decide which is best for your trip!Let’s start with the obvious.What... Read More

  • Romantic Spots in Barcelona: 15 Hidden Places for Romance

    There is no debating the fact that Barcelona has all the assets to make it one of the most romantic cities in the world. The combination of inspiring architecture, breathtaking views, diverse nature, incredible gastronomy, and a lively historical center, together form the perfect place for romance. This is all starting to sound quite dreamy if you ask me, but there is a flip side. Along with being one of Europe’s most Romantic cities, it’s... Read More