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Make The Most Of Your Holidays: Barcelona Activities Guide

Think of Barcelona’s museums and attractions like Christmas presents: don’t open them all at once! Firstly, you can (and should) come back to Barcelona again so there’s no hurry to fit everything into one trip.... Read More

  • The Best Bistros in Paris: French Food, Soldiers & Steak-frites

    If you are reading this article, you are either in Paris or are very hungry! Well sit back, and let me tell you the story of the bistro in Paris, followed by a selection of the best five classic French bistros in the capital today. You know what I mean: that quintessential Parisian cafe serving up large portions of... Read More

  • 13 London Music Festivals For 13 Weeks Of Summer (2019)

    At the beginning of June, we’re all thinking the same thing, the summer will never end. Yet, somehow, it always does! The reality is there are only 13 weeks of summer. With so many great concerts and day festivals... Read More

  • Barcelona Bucket List by Locals - Forget the Guidebook

    In 2017, Barcelona was the 12th most visited city in the world, welcoming 8.9 million international visitors. Last year nearly 9 million tourists streamed into the Catalan capital, to see the famous Barcelona Top Ten... Read More

  • Tuscany Events 2019: Make The Most Of Tuscany In Summer!

    When better to experience Tuscany than in all its glory during the summer? There is more sun than at any other time of the year and plenty of events to enjoy. You’ll have the biggest and broadest selection of Tuscany events to choose from than in any other season. Unfortunately, you can’t attend them all so I’ve created an events map (below), a month by month snapshot, and a more detailed explanation of each event to help you navigate the... Read More