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Guide to La Merce Barcelona 2019 the City's Biggest Party!

It’s time to start getting ready for La Merce Barcelona 2019. Every year in early fall Barcelona throws this massive, largely free, street party. Imagine a city-wide Festa Major and then multiply that by about 100 and... Read More

  • Uncovering the Barcelona Market Scene

    Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city, well known for its rich collection of extraordinary markets. Let's be honest; there's no denying, the city has some of the best food markets around, not only within Spain but throughout Europe. The gastronomical offerings are out of this world; take for example La Boqueria, one of... Read More

  • Street Party! The Festa Major de Gracia 2019

    The Festa Major de Gracia 2019 kicks off this year, as it does every year, on the 15th of August, beginning with Assumptions Day. Yes, the 15th it's a public holiday for anyone who is asking! This week-long... Read More

  • Get Your Cheap Eats London has by the Main Sites!

    If you're broke in the Big Smoke, we have got you covered! London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and that is taking into consideration all the perks you get as residents. For visitors, London is... Read More

  • Tasty Treats & Cheap Eats Barcelona Has Near Top Attractions

    Barcelona is known to be expensive! Probably because it is a cosmopolitan city, as well as it has plenty of must-see city attractions and of course, it´s lively nightlife. You may be asking yourself ¨Where to eat in Barcelona on a budget?¨ because it really is no easy task. Tasty cheap eats Barcelona offers at the biggest attractions is in your hands! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, without a doubt, we got you covered. We want to make sure you... Read More