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Christmas in Tuscany: Best Christmas Markets

Tuscany is famous for its art, history and fantastic architecture. Tuscan wine tastings and visiting Michelangelo’s David are what jumps to mind when you think of visiting Tuscany. These famous sites and exhibitions... Read More

  • Visit Duomo Florence: All You Need to Know Before you Go

    Florence's remarkable Duomo is the city's most quintessential landmark. The monument, an impressive construction adorned with a white, pink, and green marble facade and elegant campanile (bell tower), dominates the city’s skyline. Filippo Brunelleschi's red-tiled cupola caps the building like a crown. Today, the... Read More

  • Spending Christmas Abroad Alone: The Best Holiday Gift

    Alright, I know what you’re thinking, why in the world would I want to spend Christmas alone, without my friends and family? Well before you pipe in and react, I’d like you to reflect on something for a moment. Ask... Read More

  • Explore a Christmas Market in Europe this Holiday Season

    Fairy lights, the aroma of mulled wine, tasty sweets, handcrafts, and roasted chestnuts. My memory floods back to the first Christmas Market I ever visited in Europe when I think about these particular sights, tastes,... Read More

  • Celebrate Halloween in Europe: 12 Spooky Destinations

    Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner, are you ready to discover the 12 Spookiest Destinations to Celebrate Halloween in Europe this year? I’m not talking about locations for tacky children's parties, games of bobbing for apples, or trick-or-treating. Although the thought of those old style Halloween traditions brings me back to my childhood, it’s time to move onwards and highlight some far spookier shenanigans to get you in the Halloween... Read More