Vermuterias in Barcelona: Where to try sweet & dry

Barcelona is a city in which the different districts offer you a completely different experience. For this reason, I will break down Vermuterias in Barcelona into the different neighborhoods so you can choose the perfect place(s) for you. I will... Read More

  • Best Sports Bar Rome: Where to watch football on a Roman Holiday

    If you’re in Italy, don’t let the fact that you’re on holiday stop you from catching the game. You can’t let some sightseeing get in the way and if you’re a diehard fan you’ll definitely be chomping at the bit for your football fix. So, those of you who are, head to a sports bar, Rome is littered with them. Here are some of the best.(Scroll down... Read More

  • Unraveling Italian Culture: What is Aperitivo?

    In this corner of the Mediterranean, aperitivo is a word you will hear a lot. And, If you want to blend in with the Italians, you’ll need to know what it means. So, what is aperitivo? Let’s find out.What is... Read More

  • Best Sports Bar: Barcelona’s Guide to the Ultimate Sports Experience

    Not everyone’s been lucky enough to score tickets to La Liga, Premier League,  Champion's League or any other of the adrenaline-rising championships around the world. In that case, it’s best to reach out for the next... Read More

  • 13 Best Italian Cocktails you should be Drinking!

    Italy is the home of great culture, history, and people. Italian food is second to none, and so are the country's fantastic wines. But, what about cocktails? It may surprise you to know that the Mediterranean boot boasts some truly fantastic cocktails. Here are some of the best Italian cocktails the country has to offer. 13. Americano Recipe [img-1]The Americano is a truly classic cocktail and was first served in Gaspare Campari’s bar in the 1860s. At this time though, the drink went by a different name, the Milano-Torino. It wasn’t until... Read More

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