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Best in Europe: Where to go for St Patrick’s Day

If you find yourself in a sea of green, surrounded by wig-wearing adults and day drinkers, don't panic! It must be Saint Patrick's Day. On March 17th celebrations take place around the world, to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. Not sure... Read More

  • Banging Barcelona Rooftop Bars

    Why does Barcelona have some of the best rooftop bars in Europe? Because of the unique architecture of this Mediterranean gem of a city. The strict urban planning laws regulating the heights of buildings for Barcelona may be a pain for property developers, but they make for some awesome views! The best place to soak up the sunset is from these... Read More

  • Exploring the World of Sparkle: Types of Sparkling Wine

    I never was too much a fan of bubbly until I started traveling. Up until then, I only remember ever having it on New Year's Eve or at a wedding. Well, let me tell you, trying different types of sparkling wine in new... Read More

  • Glamping or Camping: Which One is Best For You?

    Glamping or Camping? What is glamping? And what is the difference between glamping and camping? This is what we’ll be looking at today, so you can decide which is best for your trip!Let’s start with the obvious.What... Read More

  • Venice Carnival: A Survival Guide

    The first Venice carnival took place in 1162 and despite being banned 600 years later when the Republic of Venice fell to Austria, it is still going strong today! The carnival took place occasionally throughout the nineteenth century, and the Venice carnival 2019 promises to be the biggest yet!Today we’ll be looking at a few things that you might find useful such as the type of events that take place, balls, competitions and water parades. We’ll also look at the most important part of the festival, the Venice carnival masks & costumes.... Read More

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