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Festa Major de la Barceloneta: The Ultimate Beachside Party

The Festa Major de la Barceloneta is soon upon us, and if you are looking for things to do in Barcelona in September, this should definitely be on the itinerary. Barcelona in September abounds with festivals, the largest of which is undoubtedly La... Read More

  • 25 Things to Know Before Traveling to Barcelona

    Get the most out of your holiday and take a second and read through our list of things to know before traveling to Barcelona.  1. Catalonia is not Spain[src-1]Okay, it is really. But, it's a tricky situation, especially at the moment. Catalans are a fiercely proud bunch with a strong cultural heritage that is unique to the region. Under... Read More

  • Palio Horse Race: What's so Wild about Italy's Most Insane Festival?

    The thunderous sound of hooves is barely audible over the roar of the crowd. You catch glimpses of multi-colored helmets bobbing up and down. The firm twist of reins pulls horses around treacherously steep corners.... Read More

  • Guide to La Merce Barcelona 2019 the City's Biggest Party!

    It’s time to start getting ready for La Merce Barcelona 2019. Every year in early fall Barcelona throws this massive, largely free, street party. Imagine a city-wide Festa Major and then multiply that by about 100 and... Read More

  • Uncovering the Barcelona Market Scene

    Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city, well known for its rich collection of extraordinary markets. Let's be honest; there's no denying, the city has some of the best food markets around, not only within Spain but throughout Europe. The gastronomical offerings are out of this world; take for example La Boqueria, one of Europe’s largest food markets. Although I love talking about culinary treats and could exhaust the topic to no end, I´m on an entirely separate mission. That is, to uncover the Barcelona Market Scene and share with you a wide... Read More

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