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Barcelona Festivals 2019: Guide to Top Barcelona Events

The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most happening cities. That is to say that there is always something on the Barcelona line up for festivals and events. And, as the steady rise of thermometer mercury marks the gentle arrival... Read More

  • Barça’s Camp Nou Experience vs Real Madrid’s Bernabéu Tour

    The question of whether or not to tour Camp Nou may seem like a no-brainer to FC Barcelona football fans. If we put emotions aside for a second though, what are the main differences between the Camp Nou Experience and say its rival, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium tour in Madrid? Trophies tick! Memorabilia tick! Pitch tick! Changing rooms tick! Is... Read More

  • Casa Batllo Magic Nights: Live Music Under the Stars

    Every night this summer, and running well into November, enjoy open-air concerts on the Dragon Roof Terrace of Gaudi's Casa Batlló in Beautiful Barcelona. Casa Batllo Magic Nights, as they are so called, are a series... Read More

  • Gay Pride London 2019: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

    When Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer, he used a persuasion technique in court. What does this have to do with Gay Pride London? Bear with me! The “Abraham Lincoln Close”, as it is now called, begins by listing the cons... Read More

  • La Tomatina Festival 2019: Spain's Tomato Throwing Festival!

    Forty kilometers west of Valencia, the last Wednesday of August every year, the small, sleepy town of Buñol comes alive with a fevered battle that sees the streets run red with...tomatoes! La Tomatina Festival 2019, or any other year for that matter is the world’s largest tomato throwing festival and one of the more eccentric traditions of the Iberian peninsula. Origins of La Tomatina [src-1]Much ambiguity surrounds the origins of the La Tomatina. In fact, if you were to stop each of Buñol’s 9000 inhabitants and ask them for their take,... Read More

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