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Best 15 April Holiday Destinations for Easter in Europe

“April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire.” - T. S. Eliot Perhaps T. S. Eliot’s words shouldn’t be taken too literally, especially when it comes to April holiday destinations in Europe. This is... Read More

  • Best in Europe: Where to go for St Patrick’s Day

    If you find yourself in a sea of green, surrounded by wig-wearing adults and day drinkers, don't panic! It must be Saint Patrick's Day. On March 17th celebrations take place around the world, to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. Not sure where to go for St Patrick's Day on your next vacation? From Iceland to Italy, I've found all the best... Read More

  • Explore Paris Off The Beaten Path

    [img-0] Paris off the beaten path is often better than on the beaten path! Popular doesn’t always mean good and certainly the extra people it brings rarely adds to an attraction. Admittedly some of the biggest... Read More

  • Gastro Pubs in London: Top 20 for 2019

    I know what it’s like. You’re thinking of things to do in London and you get hit by a burning desire for a great gastro pub with your poison of choice to loosen the tongue and ultimately have a happy, memorable time... Read More

  • Ultimate Paris Bucket List: Culture, Cuisine, and Monuments

    I don’t know about you, but the Ultimate Paris Bucket list for me is one I can easily navigate through. No one has hours on end to spend researching the must-see sights, and although there is plenty of valuable information out there, it’s a lot to digest and scroll through. I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with many of the top attractions in Paris which is why I am putting a spin on things. Think icon sites, activities, museum exhibitions, attractions, experiences, entertainment mixed with French flair, a bit of tacky fun and plenty of... Read More

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