Top 21 Traditional Spanish Tapas

The Spanish Tapas culture has made its way across the world. It has adapted and evolved to wherever it arrived and as a result, the origins have been lost in translation or rather lost in transport. So, you may be asking, what are tapas? Simply... Read More

  • Unraveling Italian Culture: What is Aperitivo?

    In this corner of the Mediterranean, aperitivo is a word you will hear a lot. And, If you want to blend in with the Italians, you’ll need to know what it means. So, what is aperitivo? Let’s find out.What is Aperitivo[img-1]Aperitivo comes from the Latin “aperire” which means to open. This captures the very essence of the what the tradition of... Read More

  • The 11 Florence Food Festivals to visit in Autumn!

    Don’t let the change in seasons as we roll out of summer and into autumn bring you down. In Tuscany, as the leaves change color, some of the country’s best Italian food festivals take place. From September to November... Read More

  • Finding the Best Pasta Restaurant in Rome

    Are you looking to find the best pasta restaurant in Rome, but just don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We get it. You’re in one of the food capitals of the world, and the streets of Rome are a wonderland of... Read More

  • 13 Best Italian Cocktails you should be Drinking!

    Italy is the home of great culture, history, and people. Italian food is second to none, and so are the country's fantastic wines. But, what about cocktails? It may surprise you to know that the Mediterranean boot boasts some truly fantastic cocktails. Here are some of the best Italian cocktails the country has to offer. 13. Americano Recipe [img-1]The Americano is a truly classic cocktail and was first served in Gaspare Campari’s bar in the 1860s. At this time though, the drink went by a different name, the Milano-Torino. It wasn’t until... Read More

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