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Gastro Pubs in London: Top 20 for 2019

I know what it’s like. You’re thinking of things to do in London and you get hit by a burning desire for a great gastro pub with your poison of choice to loosen the tongue and ultimately have a happy, memorable time with friends, family, a date or... Read More

  • Find the best paella in Barcelona (Avoid tourist traps!)

    The food in Spain is famous all over the world, delicious traditional tapas,  bravas and paella. Today we'll be focusing on my favorite of the three. If you’ve ever tried paella you’ll have already enjoyed the rice, the oil, and either rabbit or seafood. The ingredients to your paella can vary, usually by the origin of the chef/restaurant... Read More

  • Exploring the World of Sparkle: Types of Sparkling Wine

    I never was too much a fan of bubbly until I started traveling. Up until then, I only remember ever having it on New Year's Eve or at a wedding. Well, let me tell you, trying different types of sparkling wine in new... Read More

  • Christmas in Tuscany: Best Christmas Markets

    Tuscany is famous for its art, history and fantastic architecture. Tuscan wine tastings and visiting Michelangelo’s David are what jumps to mind when you think of visiting Tuscany. These famous sites and exhibitions... Read More

  • Vermuterias in Barcelona: Where to try sweet & dry

    Barcelona is a city in which the different districts offer you a completely different experience. For this reason, I will break down Vermuterias in Barcelona into the different neighborhoods so you can choose the perfect place(s) for you. I will also let you in on a great place in a town nearby that you absolutely have to visit!Picture the scene, you can be in the Eixample district, sitting on a sunlit terrace, but walk just a few minutes into neighboring Raval and the experience is totally different. In places Raval seems to be in perpetual... Read More

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