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Top 10 Scenic Train Rides in Europe

Beauty is a fascinating thing. It can be glaring right at you, but yet you may be utterly blind to its allure. How does this have anything to do with scenic rail journeys you may ask...everything really. If you’re thinking of jumping on any train... Read More

  • What are the Greatest Day Trips From Barcelona?

    The day trip article always begins by attempting to excuse the desire to leave one city to explore another. Just think how many times you’ve started an article with the opening line, “you could spend months exploring [insert city] and still not have seen it all, but...”? Countless, and I admit, I am guilty of having starting articles that way... Read More

  • 5 Great Day Trips from Florence by Train

    The Tuscan capital of Florence, apart from being a knockout Renaissance city, is a great place to base yourself if you want to explore the surrounding areas. Day trips from Florence by train are aplenty. From Santa... Read More

  • 7 Great Day Trips from Rome by Train

    Italy’s capital, Rome, offers up so much to see and do that to exhaust the city’s sites is near impossible. But if the itch of your wanderlust is begging for a scratch, then consider a day trip. Escape the hustle and... Read More

  • Travel Europe by Train: A Guide

    I’m going to start this off like so many other articles that extol the merits of train travel, by quickly highlighting all its obvious advantages. To begin with, if you travel Europe by train pretty much every major city and town is serviced by a train station. So, no airport transfers. Pull into the station and “boom,” you’re in the hustle and bustle of a city. And, all major cities have international links that connect up different countries. London to Paris, no problem. Marseille to Milan, sure thing. Berlin to Prague, why not? Then... Read More

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