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Five Christmas gift ideas for the keen traveler

You probably can’t afford to buy Roger from accounts a trip to the Maldives if you drew him in the office Secret Santa. However, that leaves you stuck because the only thing you know about him is that he loves to travel. Don’t despair though, here are five Christmas gift ideas for the keen traveler that won’t cost you anywhere near as much as a luxury holiday.

Hydro Flask Mug

When you consider that you won’t get served a drink on an airplane during take-off or landing or any time there is turbulence, you can be thirsty for a long time on a long-haul flight. That isn’t helped by the mad dash from one end of the airport to the other to get to the right terminal before the gate closes. This means that taking your own Hydro Flask mug is a necessity and that is what makes it one of the best Christmas stocking ideas for a keen traveler.

Electronics Organizer

The modern traveler can’t go anywhere without chargers for their devices. There is the iPhone charger, the iPad charger, the Kindle charger, the battery power pack, and plenty of others besides. Shoving them all in a suitcase at the last minute means that you arrive at your destination with a mad tangle of wires, and you will have to spend your precious time straightening them out before use. An organizer with a separate compartment for every cable can alleviate that problem and give travelers more time to enjoy their surroundings.


Many keen travelers love to keep a journal documenting the places they have visited and the experiences they have had en route. Some travelers turn this into a blog, but others prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and keep a written journal instead. This is a great present that will be well used, and it is something that the present receiver might not think of buying for themselves before their next trip. Perfect.


There is nothing more boring than hanging around the airport waiting for a delayed flight to be called, perhaps with the exception of sitting on the airplane for 15 hours straight once it finally takes off. A book will keep the traveler occupied and entertained during the boring bits of traveling and they will be incredibly grateful for the gift. You may need to get to know the recipient to learn what his favorite reading genre is, but you probably can’t go wrong with a travel book or the latest best-seller.


Woollies always come in useful for keen travelers, even if they don’t like to ski, eventually, they are likely to want to explore a cold climate. A hat and gloves set are non-descript enough to make an excellent present for a traveler that you don’t know very well, and they are likely to get a lot of use out of them.

Now that you are no longer stumped for suggestions, you can enjoy buying a great gift for a keen traveler.

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