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Quick History of the Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The history of the Burj Khalifa dates back to 2004 when the Dubai government decided to construct a tower that would become the centrepiece of the new downtown area of Dubai. The project was originally called the Burj Dubai, named after Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. The Chicago-based architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) won the design competition for the tower.

When was the Burj Khalifa built?

The construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004, and it was completed in 2010, taking six years to build. The construction process was complex and involved the work of over 12,000 workers and contractors from around the world. 

The tower was built using reinforced concrete, with a structural system consisting of a central core and three wings that extend outward. Glass, aluminium, and stainless steel clad the exterior of the building.

When did the Burj Khalifa open?

The building officially opened on January 4, 2010. It was renamed the Burj Khalifa in honour of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and the emir of Abu Dhabi, who had provided financial assistance to Dubai during its economic crisis in 2009.

What is inside the Burj Khalifa?

The Burj Khalifa has a mixed-use design, combining residential, commercial, and hotel spaces. The building features luxurious hotels, restaurants, apartments, offices, and observation decks. The observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors offer panoramic views of Dubai and the surrounding areas. 

What does the Burj Khalifa symbolise?

The Burj Khalifa is an iconic symbol of Dubai's rapid growth and modernisation and has won numerous awards for its design and engineering. It has also become a major tourist attraction, drawing visitors worldwide to its observation decks and luxury hotels.

How tall is the Burj Khalifa? 

The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world, standing at a height of 828 meters (2,717 feet) with 163 floors. The building has held this record since its completion in 2010, surpassing the previous record-holder, the Taipei 101 tower, by a considerable margin. The Burj Khalifa's height is a testament to modern engineering and construction technology advances.


When is the best time to visit the Burj Khalifa?

The best time to visit the Burj Khalifa depends on your personal preferences and what you want to experience. If you want to avoid crowds and long lines, visit during the less busy months of the year, generally from April to September. The weather during these months can be hot and humid, so staying hydrated and wearing appropriate clothing is essential.

If you prefer cooler weather, the best time to visit is winter, from November to March, when temperatures are more comfortable and pleasant. Winter is also the peak tourist season, so expect larger crowds and longer lines.

Suppose you want to see the city lights of Dubai in their full glory. In that case, it's best to visit in the evening, when beautiful lights illuminate the tower and the cityscape shimmers below. The observation decks of the Burj Khalifa are open until late at night, so you can enjoy the view for as long as you like.

How many people visit the Burj Khalifa per year?

The Burj Khalifa is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai and the world and draws visitors from around the globe. The exact number of visitors to the Burj Khalifa per year is not publicly available, but it is estimated that millions of people visit the tower annually. The tower's observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors are particularly popular, offering stunning views of Dubai and the surrounding areas. In addition to the observation decks, the Burj Khalifa is home to luxurious hotels, restaurants, and other amenities that attract a diverse range of visitors. The tower has become an iconic symbol of Dubai and is a must-visit destination for many travellers.

How much does it cost to visit the Burj Khalifa?

The cost of visiting the Burj Khalifa depends on the type of experience you want to have. Here are some approximate costs as of March 2023:

At the Top, Burj Khalifa: This general admission ticket allows visitors to access the observation decks on the 124th and 125th floors. Prices may vary depending on the time of day and other factors. The cost is around AED 149 (approximately USD 40) per person for a standard timed entry.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY: This premium experience allows visitors to access the observation deck on the 148th floor, which offers an even more spectacular view. The cost is around AED 379 (approximately USD 103) per person for a timed entry.

Dining experiences: The Burj Khalifa offers a range of dining experiences, including the At.mosphere restaurant on the 122nd floor and the Armani/Hashi restaurant on the ground floor. Prices for dining experiences vary depending on the restaurant and menu.

Other experiences: The Burj Khalifa offers other experiences such as the "Burj Khalifa - The Lounge" and "Burj Khalifa - At the Top Sunrise". Prices for these experiences may vary.

It's important to note that prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the time of year, demand, and other factors. It's always a good idea to check the official Burj Khalifa website for up-to-date pricing and booking information.

What to wear when visiting the Burj Khalifa?

When visiting the Burj Khalifa, it's recommended to dress modestly and conservatively, as Dubai is a city with a modest dress code, especially in public areas. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Men: It's recommended to wear long pants and a shirt that covers the shoulders. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are generally not allowed in public areas.

Women: It's recommended to wear clothing that covers the shoulders, arms, and knees. Dresses, skirts, or pants are acceptable as long as they are not too tight or revealing. It's also recommended to bring a scarf or shawl to cover your head if necessary.

Shoes: Comfortable and sturdy shoes are recommended, as you'll be walking around the observation decks and potentially climbing stairs. High heels or open-toed shoes are not recommended.

Layers: It's a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweater, as the temperature can be cooler at higher elevations.

Is the Burj Khalifa family-friendly?

Yes, the Burj Khalifa is a family-friendly destination and welcomes visitors of all ages. Children will be fascinated by the tower's impressive architecture and panoramic views of Dubai, and plenty of experiences and activities are suitable for families.

Here are some family-friendly activities you can enjoy at the Burj Khalifa:

Visit the observation decks: The observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors are a must-see attraction for visitors of all ages. Children will love the thrill of being up so high and seeing the city from a new perspective.

Enjoy a meal: Several restaurants and cafes within the Burj Khalifa offer a range of dining experiences for families. From casual eateries to fine-dining restaurants, there's something for everyone.

Explore the Dubai Mall: The Dubai Mall is located adjacent to the Burj Khalifa and is one of the largest malls in the world. It offers plenty of family-friendly activities, including an aquarium, ice rink, cinema, and various shops and restaurants.

Attend the Dubai Fountain show: The Dubai Fountain is located outside the Burj Khalifa and offers a spectacular water and light show that will amaze children and adults alike.

Is it worth visiting the Burj Khalifa?

Yes, visiting the Burj Khalifa is worth it! It's one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and offers a unique experience you can't find anywhere else. Here are some reasons why it's worth visiting:

The observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors offer breathtaking views of Dubai and the surrounding areas. You can see the city skyline, the desert, and the Persian Gulf from a bird's eye view.

The Burj Khalifa is an engineering marvel and a true testament to human ingenuity. The tower's design and construction are impressive, and you can learn about its history and engineering on a tour.

The Burj Khalifa offers a range of experiences, including dining, shopping, and cultural events. There's something for everyone, whether you're interested in fine dining, luxury shopping, or cultural performances.

Visiting the Burj Khalifa offers plenty of opportunities for amazing photos you'll cherish forever. Whether taking a selfie on the observation deck or capturing the tower's impressive exterior, the Burj Khalifa is an excellent backdrop for your vacation photos.

Overall, visiting the Burj Khalifa is a unique and memorable experience you won't want to miss. Whether you're a first-time visitor to Dubai or a seasoned traveller, the tower offers something new and exciting for everyone.

(link to tour Burj Khalifa - Different Ticket Options: Access to 124, 125 or 148 Levels)

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