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Best Sports Bar: Barcelona’s Guide to the Ultimate Sports Experience

Not everyone’s been lucky enough to score tickets to La Liga, Premier League,  Champion's League or any other of the adrenaline-rising championships around the world. In that case, it’s best to reach out for the next best thing: watching a game in a sports bar drowning in an exhilarating atmosphere. Barcelona lives up to its football heritage and offers a wide variety of watering holes to satisfy your sporty cravings. In fact, it’s harder to find bars that don’t screen football; Though, not all of them are quite right for watching the big games. 

So, here is a list of the bars to watch football in Barcelona. The list has the best sports bar Barcelona has to offer. There's something for everyone whether you like it quiet or rowdy, sophisticated or down to earth! (Scroll to the bottom to see the map ?).

Traditional Catalan/Spanish Sports Bars

  • La Taverna de Barcelona

Ronda de la Universitat 37

La Taverna de Barcelona, located in the very heart of the city, treats you to live sports screenings and includes a cracking Spanish atmosphere. Just a stone’s throw from Plaça Catalunya, this great place is the hub of passionate football fans, especially those “locos” for FC Barcelona. On the menu, you will come across traditional Spanish tapas as well as familiar bar snack favorites. It gets busy and the drinks are a bit pricey, so book your table for the big games!

  • Itaca

Carrer de Santa Rosa, 14b, 08012

Itaca is easily one of my favorite Catalan bars. Found in Gracia I stumbled on this place by accident while out looking for somewhere to watch the match. The place is very Catalan and they bring in a big screen for Barcelona matches. The atmosphere is great and because the majority of patrons are Catalan you can enjoy a thoroughly Catalan match!

The bar staff are really friendly and even brought out extra chairs for me and my friends when we had nowhere to sit. Something pretty cool is that you don't pay for your drinks in the traditional way. Instead, you put a few euros on a card (€10 I think) and serve yourself. It's convenient as you don't have to wait to be served or try to get the barman's attention. It's also quite a novel thing to do, step up to the bar, pour, sit down, drink and done!

  • Casa de Tapes Cañota

Carrer de Lleida, 7

Another of the great bars to watch football is Casa de Tapes Cañota in the Poble Sec neighborhood. You can cheer for your team on four big screens positioned around the bar while devouring creative seafood tapas “a la gallega.” The place has the perfect light-hearted atmosphere to enjoy a football-filled evening with a pleasurably authentic edge. 

  • Fàbrica Moritz

Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39 - 41

Located in a former beer factory of the most popular Catalan beer brand, Fàbrica Moritz embodies a rugged paradise for sports fans. Featuring the longest bar in the whole of Barcelona, the place combines the best of wine, beer, snacks, tapas and gastronomic delicacies. Out of all places to watch football this is the one that will cater to those with simpler as well as more refined tastes. The architectural perks of the old factory take watching football to a whole new level. 

  • El Sotavent

Carrer Major de Sarrià, 61

El Sovanet is the best sports bar Barcelona can offer if you're aiming to escape the tourist crowds and instead dive into Catalan social life. Although its clientele is decisively local, we cannot say the same about its design. In other words, if El Sovanet were your friend in a Halloween costume, you would likely ask: Who on earth are you supposed to be?! The reality of it translates into a classic 80s neon sign welcome followed by a staircase and rococo mirror worthy of a classic cocktail bar leading to what could easily be an Irish-style bar interior. All in all, it’s a fun place to watch the World Cup match live with all your friends. Plus, those who are not great sports fans can pass the time playing pool or board games which you can borrow from the bar. 

Irish Pubs 

  • The Wild Rover Irish Pub

Carrer de Santa Mònica, 2

The Wild Rover is one of the several traditional Irish bars in Barcelona located not far from La Rambla. The pub treats you to two gigantic screens as well as six large TVs streaming anything from football, tennis, rugby, basketball and more. Spanish La Liga, British Premier League, Europa League or World Cup matches - you can watch the games in a cozy atmosphere only an Irish pub can provide. They serve classic bar snacks for sharing as well as burgers and sandwiches. Guinness, Beck’s, Coors Light, Magners and more come are served on tap.

  • Shenanigans Irish Pub 

Carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 11

Another legendary place, this Irish pub is located in the dynamic neighborhood of El Raval. It boasts a huge back room perfect for watching the game with a big group of friends. Plus, a few more TVs hang right above the bar, so you don’t lose a second of the match when going for the next round. The menu offers a selection of typical meat and vegetable pies as well as a selection of real Irish ales. 

  • The Shamrock Irish Bar

Carrer Tallers, 72, 08001

The Shamrock is one of my favorite bars in Barcelona and has become the 'local' for me and my friends. This is a bit of a hidden gem of Barcelona and I only found out about it because of one of my Catalan friends.

Shamrock is really central, just a few minutes off of La Rambla. It has a nice, spacious terrace to sit and have a beer in a perfect spot for people watching. Heading inside you'll experience a great atmosphere with some of the nicest, friendliest bar staff around. The bar itself has a pool table, great beer for a decent price (unlike some other bars), it's dog-friendly and 4 large TV's adorn the walls showing a variety of sports. On different nights Shamrock also has live music, stand-up comedy and a pool league. Smaller than somewhere like L'ovella Negra but with a more personal and welcoming atmosphere, this is definitely my number one pick of bars to watch sport in Barcelona. 

  • Flaherty’s Irish Pub 

Plaza Joaquim Xirau, s/n

Owned and run by the same family as the Shenanigans, Flaherty’s Irish Pub can be found just off La Rambla. In fact, it’s one of the top go-to destinations for sports fans living in or passing through the city. The pub screens an unmatched number of sports channels, and the staff is always happy to do their best to accommodate requests. The food offering features pub classics such as pies and jacket potatoes and the atmosphere is pretty much everything you would expect from an Irish pub.

  • The Michael Collins Irish Bar

Plaça de la Sagrada Família, 4

Close to La Sagrada Familia, The Michael Collins Irish Bar is known for screening mostly FC Barcelona and Champions League matches. However, don’t worry, when the time comes around the World Cup matches are all they play. The viewing experience creates a great atmosphere as the whole bar watches the match from a TV hung on a wall in the middle of the bar. 

  • The George Payne Irish Bar

Plaça d'Urquinaona, 5

Last but not least of the Irish sports oases, the George Payne Irish Bar is one of the best places to watch football. The bar boasts well-positioned televisions as well as great sound systems that manage to fill the entire room. Better yet, the experience feels like the stadium crowd is actually around you!

International & Crafty 

  • Belushi's Barcelona

Carrer de Bergara, 3

This epic international bar boasts 10HD plasma TVs as well as three giant projection screens. For many, this is what makes Belushi’s the best sports bar Barcelona ever had. Its customers enjoy all the latest sporting action from the UK, America, Australia, and beyond. Naturally, with Barcelona being football-crazy, the screenings are not short on football matches and championships all televised with English commentary. Combine your game with a tasty bite to eat and brace yourself for a raucous atmosphere. 

  • CocoVail Beer Hall Barcelona

Carrer d'Aragó, 284

CocoVail is a unique kind of venue, a true craft beer emporium! The bar offers over twenty different craft beers many of which are from small local breweries. Reminiscent of typical American-style beer halls with ample space, the place is ideal for large groups. The menu has it all including burgers, chicken wings, delicious pulled pork sandwiches and even poke bowls. 

As far as the sports go, you can come here to watch NFL as well as the main football matches. 

Students Favorites

  • L'Ovella Negra Marina

Carrer de Zamora, 78

With over 2000 square meters of space and low prices, L’Ovella Negra is a true paradise for Barcelona’s students. Located in Poblenou, not too far from the beaches, the bar occupies an old factory building and boasts numerous bar games, slot machines, billiard and, most importantly, large TV screens. Better yet, the place offers irresistibly priced jugs of beer and sangria. Out of all the places to watch football in Barcelona, L’Ovella Negra is the one that pulsates with youthful energy and incredibly lively atmosphere. A perfect place for large groups!

  • Sonora Sports Tavern

Carrer de Pamplona, 96-104

The Sonora Sports Tavern features two large projections screens in the middle of the bar which are always alive with the most important sporting match or event going on at the time. Given the limited number of screens, you can only watch one game at a time so check what’s on the “menu” before you go. Still, the great food and drink that comes hand in hand with reasonable prices are hard to beat. One of the cheapest pints of beer on offer is only €3.30 which makes Sonora a serious candidate for the best sports bar in Barcelona.  

Best Sports Bars in Barcelona with that Special Something

  • Coctelería Snooker

Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 42

If you are craving a somewhat fancier football-watching outing, Snooker cocktail bar is your winner. Snooker envelops you in a classy British ambiance in the middle of Eixample. You can enjoy watching your team on 60” UHD screens with a sophisticated but still passionate vibe in the air. Plus, those members of your group that are not that crazy about football can pass the time playing pool and other bar games. 

  • Mau Mau Underground

Calle de Fontrodona, 35

Mau Mau Underground is a chic lounge club residing in a former warehouse in the Poble Sec neighborhood. Since its opening in 1998, the place has become one of the most popular cultural and social spots in the area. However, sports are also appreciated in this place. You can enjoy watching the most important football matches on two gigantic screens. Comfy sofas, hot dogs, nachos, beer or gin-tonic, Mau Mau has it all!

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