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Vermuterias in Barcelona: Where to try sweet & dry

Barcelona is a city in which the different districts offer you a completely different experience. For this reason, I will break down Vermuterias in Barcelona into the different neighborhoods so you can choose the perfect place(s) for you. I will also let you in on a great place in a town nearby that you absolutely have to visit!

Picture the scene, you can be in the Eixample district, sitting on a sunlit terrace, but walk just a few minutes into neighboring Raval and the experience is totally different. In places Raval seems to be in perpetual darkness, streets so narrow that barely any sunlight can get in. But the bars and atmosphere here is a little more relaxed than in Eixample. People skateboarding around Macba, playing games and relaxing on a bench or a terrace can be much more relaxing here. It’s not a question of what’s the best, it’s a question of what’s the best for you.

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Where to buy Vermouth in Barcelona: The BEST places to have vermouth

As I said earlier, different areas in Barcelona offer vastly different atmospheres so let's break down what each district offers and see where is the best place in Barcelona to try vermouth!

Vermuteria Gracia

In Gracia, there are a few spots frequented by the locals. I won’t go into too much depth on these spots and instead, I’ll just highlight a few of the favorites!

  • Vermuteria Lou

Address: l'Escorial, 3, 08024

Another cozy bar found in Gracia, Vermuteria Lou is a bit smaller than Cal Pep but you are immediately greeted by a vast array of food (usually seafood) and the various bottles of alcohol on the shelves behind and above the bar.

  • Vemruteria del Tano

Address: Carrer de Joan Blanques, 17, 08012

Vermuteria del Tano in Gracia is a great place to sit and enjoy your vermouth. It seems more traditionally Spanish with the small two-person tables allowing for a cozy meeting amongst friends, or alone with the paper if you prefer.

Vermuteria Raval

    • Colibri

    Address: 33 Carrer de la Riera Alta, 08001

    A few of the best bars in Barcelona can be found in Raval, the best spot for vermouth can be found on Carrer de la Riera Alta. The vermuteria in question, Colibri! A pretty cool spot with the soft lighting setting the atmosphere perfectly for this aperitif!

    I don’t know if Colibri is a hipster bar as some of the decorations are a bit strange, not to mention the clientele! But it’s definitely worth a visit when it's quiet and if the hipster vibe does get a little too much then head on to our next destination for something a little different!!

    Our next destination is….

      • Mson Vermuteria

      Address: Carrer del Tigre, 33, 08001

      Don’t worry that's not a typo. Found on Carrer del Tigre, Mson vermuteria has a nice selection of drinks and is a little more spacious and for the parents amongst you, it’s child-friendly!

        • Casa Almirall

        Address: Carrer de Joaquin Costa, 33, 08001

        Another nice bar to visit in Raval if you want to try some vermouth is Casa Almirall, the oldest bar in Barcelona. The people who work there were a bit rude to my friends during the times we’ve visited but the bar itself is a good place to relax with a drink, just don’t expect to become bosom buddies with the staff!

        Vermuteria Poblenou

        • Balius

        Address: Carrer de Pujades, 196, 08005

        Heading into one of my favorite districts, Poblenou the vermuteria to visit here is Balius. A place with delicious cocktails and fresh fish (highly recommended!).

        • Vermut & Sifro

        Address: Carrer de Bilbao, 18, 08005

        One of the best places on this list is Vermut & Sifo where they specialize in… Vermut & sifo! Definitely give this one a try!

        Vermuteria Poble Sec & Sant Antoni

        I decided to combine Poble Sec and Sant Antoni because they neighbor each other but also because you can stumble from one to the other without realizing so it just made sense!

        • Quimet & Qiumet

        Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25, 08004

        If you’re heading into Poble Sec you’ll almost certainly find yourself on Carrer Blai, a real favorite of locals and us Guiris who are trying to pass ourselves off as locals! If you’re are brave to venture off this popular street and head up Carrer de Poeta Cabanyes you’ll find yourself at Quimet & Qiumet. Come right in off the street and be greeted by shelves of your favorite liquids stacked 20 feet high!

        Sant Antoni is similar to Raval in that it has a bit of a reputation for having certain areas to avoid, especially at night. However, it can be worth a trip when you find out that Sant Antoni is very popular amongst locals in regard to vermouth. If you decided to venture in then it would be worth heading to Tarrana or Bar Nostalgic.

        • Taranna Cafe

        Address: Carrer Viladomat, 23, 08015

        Taranna is a little different from the other vermuterias on our list as its the one in which you’re most likely to see people on their laptops working when you walk in. It’s become a place for many people to do some extra work during the day and enjoy their glass of vermouth in the evening.

        • Bar Nostalgic

        Address: Carrer de Viladomat, 38, 08015

        Opening from 11:00 until 23:30 every night, Bar Nostalgic offers an interesting range of drinks for your consumption all listed on the blackboard behind the bar and also offer a beer and tapas for 2 euros. Nostalgic is another place that’s really nice for the small tables around the bar allowing for a cosey feeling with your drinking buddy.

        • Bodega 1900

        Address: Carrer Tamarit, 91, 08015

        Bodega 1900 is another relatively famous vermuteria in Barcelona you’ll find on Carrer Tamarit, another one that you can find just off Paral-lel. You couldn’t exactly class this one as a hidden gem as its the famous in Barcelona. They serve a great martini which pairs wonderfully with the food on offer.

        • El Dinamic de BCN

        Address: Passatge de Pere Calders, 4, 08015

        Found on Passatge de Pere Calders just off Av. Paral-lel this is definitely the spot to go if you find yourself in the district.

        Vermuteria Eixample

        • Morro-Fi

        Address: Carrer Consell de Cent, 171, 08015

        Morro-Fi is a great choice for vermouth in Eixample that go perfectly with the tapas (they have various spots throughout the city but I go to the Eixample one). Dog-friendly and welcoming staff on a nice sunny terrace makes it a great spot. There’s also wi-fi access for those of you who absolutely must Instagram your glass of vermut rojo.

        • Casa Mariol

        Address: Carrer de Rossello, 442, 08025

        Casa Mariol is one I’m not 100% sure still counts as Gracia or Eixample as it must be close to the boundary… It’s close to Sagrada Familia and that is in the Eixample district so let’s go with that! This one is a favorite amongst locals because even though it’s pretty central, it’s well known for not being super touristy and despite prices being a little higher than alternatives on this list, it’s certainly worth a visit!

        • El Celler de Vermut

        Address: Calle Lepanto, 239, 08013

        Phone Number: 677 69 43 09

        El Celler de Vermut. The name is pretty self-explanatory! Another vermuteria in Eixample but if you want a table here you will have to call ahead, that’s why I´ve included the phone number for this one. If you just turn up in the hope of getting a seat… I wish you luck, you’ll need it!

        If you inquire about vermuterias in Barcelona you will almost certainly hear about this next place.

        • Senyor Vermut

        Address: Carrer de Provenca, 85, 08029

        A nice terrace and a wide-open gateway give you a clear view of the interior and what’s going on inside can help you decide quickly if this is the place for you (It will be). Being such a popular spot with locals is a good indication that this place is worth visiting.

        The menu is in Catalan but the staff are really friendly and are always happy to help so it can be a great option if you’re trying to practice a little Catalan. There’s always a good crowd at Senyor Vermut, but it doesn’t feel crowded if you know what I mean?

        I don’t know if that's easy to imagine, picture scenes from How I Met Your Mother, there's always a decent crowd at the bar but the patrons never feel claustrophobic. I don’t know if I’m building a good picture of the scene so go check it out for yourself!

        Vermuteria Sants

        One of the more open districts in Barcelona, Sants provides you with a little more space and tranquility while still being just about a 2-minute metro ride to the center.

        • La Europea

        Address: Carrer del Vallespir, 96, 08014

        If you head out to Sants (and I really recommend it) you can try some vermouth at La Europea, the best vermuteria I’ve found in Sants. A nice terrace with plenty of space and in a pretty cool neighbourhood, this is a difficult one to beat for the title of the best vermuteria in Barcelona!

        • La Bodegueta de Cal Pep 

        Address: Calle Canalejas, 12, 08028

        A really nice place with stools at the bar running along the counter and a welcoming staff are part of the inviting atmosphere at Cal Pep. Interestingly, Cal Pep create their own vermouth on site. They also have a few spots throughout the city, here in Sants, over in Eixample, Gracia and down in Born near Ciutadella parc.

        Vermuteria Gotic/Born

        • Bormuth

        Address: Carrer Rec, 31, 08003

        For neighboring districts of El Gotic and El Born I would recommend Bormuth, located close to Ciutadella Parc it’s got some convenient outdoor seating. Incidentally, Bormuth is located on Carrer Rec, just one street from the best burger joint in the city, Pim Pam Burger. It’s a bit pricey at 7-8 euros a burger but my word is it tasty.

        Bonus: Vermuteria Girona 

        • La Vermuteria Sant Feliu de Guixols

        Address: Carrer Sant Pere, 29, 17220

        Sant Feliu de Guixols in Girona on the Costa Brava, about a 30-minutes to 1-hour trip from Barcelona. I highly recommend you head to La Vermuteria Sant Feliu de Guixols. You may think why bother traveling when there are plenty of great vermuterias in the city center?

        Fair question, but if you live here or are just visiting Barcelona you really should have a trip out to Girona. It’s a beautiful town with a few different spots to visit such as the cathedral that was in Game of Thrones. My favorite thing about Girona though, are the narrow streets. When I moved to Spain this is what I was picturing, the narrow, cobbled streets, old people sitting out on the terrace playing cards with a glass of wine or a caña. Despite being so close to Barcelona, Girona is totally different and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

        If you’re reading this article it's either because you’re a fan of Vermouth or you’re new to Barcelona and stumbled upon it when looking for things to do in Barcelona. So let's get two obvious things out of the way: what is vermouth and what is a vermuteria?

        What is Vermouth, where did it come from (and what is Vermouth made from?)

        Vermouth is essentially a mix of wine flavored with herbs. The name Vermouth comes from the German word ‘Wermut’ meaning wormwood.

        Vermouth in its earliest form comes from China as early as 1250BC and has evolved over time to the present day when we have two distinct versions (which we’ll talk about later). 

        Vermouth is used in a variety of popular drinks such as the Manhattan, a drink that you’ve probably heard of which comes from (you guessed it) Manhattan, New York. Another famous drink that vermouth plays an important part in is the Martini, a drink made popular following endorsements from well-known individuals such as Hemingway and Bogart. But the most famous endorsement of all? Bond. James Bond.

        Vermuteria: Definition

        What is a vermuteria? A vermuteria is a bar that specializes in vermouth. Simple!

        Different types of vermouth: Sweet and dry

        There are two distinct styles of vermouth: sweet (Italian, usually red) and dry (French, usually white or pale). 

        Sweet vermouth. Sweet vermouth is said to have first been introduced in Italy in 1786 with the first dry vermouth coming a little later, around 1800. Something we spoke about in a previous article “The best Italian cocktails”, sweet vermouth goes great with a variety of ingredients like gin, campari or prosecco to make some delicious drinks such as the Negroni Sbagliato or the Angelo Azzurro.

        Dry vermouth in comparison to sweet, is white, often pale and as I said earlier is used in famous drinks such as a Martini or a Manhattan.

        Something else you should know particularly if you’re a first timer, you can indicate how much vermouth you’d like in your drink by asking for a dry or extra dry vermouth. Meaning there will be very little vermouth in relation to the other ingredients.

        Vermouth has played a role in Catalan society for many years and so you will find a few different local brands as many vermuteries have their own ‘house’ vermouth. A few of the local brands include Iris, Miro, Padro, Perruchi, Vermut de Falset & Yzaguirre.

        Culture of Vermouth in Spain

        Italian and French companies produce most of the world's supply of vermouth but producers can also be found right here in Spain.

        Vermouth in Spain is typically the sweet version that we call vermut rojo. The drink comes with a little sifon (Spanish fizzy drink) and a variety of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

        Vermouth is an aperitif. This means it is used to stimulate the appetite before a meal but not only that, it is thought to aid in digestion. Tasty and practical, awesome! In the past, people used to have a glass of vermut rojo before or after going to church. While fewer people attend Church nowadays, the tradition of vermut rojo on a Sunday morning continues.

        Why try vermouth in Barcelona?

        Something I think is pretty cool is that in Barcelona it is not uncommon to fill your own bottle from the giant casks.

        This aperitif is highly thought of amongst the Spanish and locals enjoy it particularly before a big meal. Catalonia in particular has historically been one of the major producers of vermouth since the 18th century. In a small town called Reus, West of Barcelona and as they are so sweet they dovetail nicely with a saltier flavored dish. Many people recommend olives but as I personally hate olives I prefer to go for a chicken salad or even better, Jamon Iberico.

        So there you have it, the list of the best vermuterias in Barcelona (and a great one outside the city), I hope you enjoy your glass of vermouth in these spots, let us know how it goes!

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