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The Romantic Gondola: Perfect for Couples on Special Occasions with Bottle of Wine

The Gondola Tour that lets you discover the true Venice... the most famous Venice of the Grand Canal and the most hidden one.

  Duration: 30m
  Hosted in: EN

The Romantic Gondola: Perfect for Couples on Special Occasions with Bottle of Wine

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€ 159
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What you'll do

Amore is the private gondola tour which lets you discover the true Venice seen from the water… The most famous one and the most hidden one. The gondolas plying the busy Grand Canal and smaller waterways of Venice are one of the most iconic images in the world.

They are the symbol of history, tradition, and romance in the city on the lagoon … and they are one of the most dreamed-about experiences for travelers. With the Amore tour, you will see the Grand Canal in all its beauty, and other smaller but very typical and picturesque canals. [readmore] You will see some of the most beautiful and famous monuments of Venice, but you will avoid the busiest canals and the areas where the waves are very strong. You will be accompanied by an expert Venetian gondolier, and you’ll enjoy the tour for 30 minutes. 

To make the most of this experience with your partner, you Toast with a bottle of Prosecco on the Gondola with your partner! The guide will help you to take a seat on board the gondola, and after giving you a fresh Bottle of Prosecco and 2 Glasses, he wishes you a good time and will entrust you in the hands of your Pope.

What is a Pope? It is the dialect name that the Venetians use to call the Gondolier :)  And off we go!  One never forgets the thrill of climbing in a gondola for the first time… The feeling of leaving the safe mainland to climb into a small rickety wooden boat creates a mixture of excitement and amazement. 

When the Gondolier “springs” the ropes and pushes himself from the poles to get away from the shore, he feels a sensation that is as strange as it is beautiful. You feel yourself sliding on the water, caressing it, and your view of the world around suddenly changes.

The Grand Canal 

  • The Grand Canal is the 3800-meter long canal that divides the city into two parts.
  • To show off the wealth of the Venetian Republic, over time the Doges have built magnificent structures along the way. Just think that to see it all in a gondola, it would take at least two hours. The Amore tour starts directly on the Grand Canal shortly after its starting point, and you will see:
  • Church of La Salute The Peggy Guggenheim Museum The Accademia Bridge Palazzo Gritti And much, much more.. .
  • Cradled by the waves, you will feel small in front of these majestic and magnificent buildings.

The hidden Venice 

  • After seeing one of the most beautiful pieces of the Grand Canal, it’s up to the smaller canals. Those less famous … but very typical, picturesque, and just as rich in history.
  • The Gondolier veers the boat decisively and introduces himself into one of these. Here you will see with your own eyes, the great dexterity necessary to maneuver a gondola in tight spaces. 
  • So tight that by extending your hand, you can touch the walls of the buildings around you. You will be left speechless many times along the way … It will seem impossible for you that the Gondolier can do what you will see him do. 
  • You will admire many historic buildings such as:
  • Palazzo Barbarigo, Mocenigo Palazzo Marin and Among others.
  • You will pass under three small bridges, and you will experience how beautiful it is to navigate the small Venetian canals. 
  • The calm and peaceful silence … alternating with the loud shouting of the gondoliers, who, speaking in dialect, coordinate with each other. There are no traffic lights in Venice… Everything works as it used to a long time ago, and it works perfectly.

The Return

  • After completing the tour in the smaller canals, you will end up back on the Grand Canal for one last breathtaking show … 
  • The great beauty of the Church of La Salute and the San Marco Basin, on your left. 
  • The majestic view of the Grand Canal up to the Accademia Bridge, on your right. 
  • The Gondolier makes a spectacular and complex maneuver and takes you back to the starting station.
  • The trip ends after 30 minutes. 
  • The Gondolier helps you get off the gondola, and you can continue to enjoy Venice happy from the beautiful experience. An experience that will remain etched in you forever … When you talk about Venice with friends and relatives, you can proudly say: I’ve been in a gondola!!
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Included / Excluded
30-minutes Gondola Experience in Venice
Accompaniment and assistance
Bottle of Prosecco sparkling wine and glasses
Unforgettable romantic Experience
Food and Hotel Pick-Up

Before You Go

We recommend this tour for traveling couples!

Please arrive 20 minutes in advance to the Meeting Point

Meeting Point

Campanile di San Marco. Guide will accompany you to the gondola station at the scheduled time

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