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Walking Tour in Florence
Guided tour of Florence with expert guide
Discover the main sights of Florence
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Monday - Sunday
Collection point: My Tour Office - Via Cavour 21 Red, Florence
Group: Max25 people

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Prices for Children from 0-6 years old: free of charge

Check-in closes 30 min before departure

Wear comfortable shoes!

Not recommended for people with walking disabilities


Immerse yourself in the elegantly quaint streets of Florence and it's greatest landmarks while uncovering the secrets of its past. Our Best of Florence walking tour will take you on a journey around the historic city center starting with the visit of Baptistery, Duomo, and the Cathedral decorated with marble panels. You will hear stories of the Miracle of the Flowering Tree and the Bull and the Baker. Next, you will pass by Dantes house as well as see Palazzo Vecchio. In Piazza Della Signoria, we will pay a visit to an open-air museum filled impressive statues, including a copy of the statue of David. The tour continues through the wings of the Uffizi Gallery, follows the Arno River, the famous Ponte Vecchio and at the marvelous Palazzo Pitti.

Activity Highlights

Florence tourist attractions and landmarks are hard to count. The city's rich history left us much to learn from and admire. However, when you don't know the city or have a limited time, its hard to know where to go in Florence.

Booking our guided Walking tours of Florence will help you to get a wholesome scoop on the city's history as well as major landmarks. Don't worry; it has nothing to do with a tedious history lesson. Our expert guides keep things interesting with vivid descriptions and exciting curiosities. If you only have one day in Florence, this tour offers a perfect introduction that which won't take up too much of your time. In addition to all that, we provide an easy online booking and, in case your plans change, easy cancellation. You can cancel up until one day in advance with a guarantee of a full refund.

It's easy and comfortable! No restless wandering around crowded streets with your nose deep inside a crumpled map of the center. After all, Tuscan holidays should be completely worry-free!

History Sneak Peek

Sitting in the midst of picturesque Tuscany, Florence is one of the most appealing cities in Europe. You might recognize it best for its economic and political achievements in the Middle Ages. Or, perhaps, you know it for the artistic gems created during Renaissance. However, the city is much older than that! In fact, it was founded in 59 BC by Julius Caesar himself. The intention was to create a calm haven for military veterans. The name he chose for the settlement was Florentia meaning flourishing. He probably wouldn't even dream about how accurate and fitted it will turn out to be in the future!

Florence was situated on a fertile land as well as on a major travel route between the north of Italy and Rome. These predispositions made it easy for the small settlement to flourished into a commercial and, later, banking hub.

In fact, Florentine spread their fishing nets all over Europe. The powerful Medici banking family was the ultimate puppet master behind it all.

We can thank Florence's economic prosperity for the artistic (r)evolution. The wealth and constant mingle of influences created the perfect ambiance for the exploration and creation of art. Many of the most influential masters (including Botticelli, Michelangelo, Ghirlandaio and Leonardo da Vinci) created their greatest masterpieces in this city.

Ah, there is so much to learn and even more to see! These few paragraphs barely scratch the surface. Book your Best of Florence walking tour and make sure no detail escapes your attention.


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