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Spain is famous for siestas, sun and of course its serrano ham! Spanish culture favors the fine things in life: good wine, great food and a relaxed way of living. Nowhere is this clearer than in the capital city: Madrid. Madrid is home to some of Spain’s most excellent restaurants and the best chefs. If you want to experience the culinary side of the capital, book a Madrid food tour and taste your way around the city!

Tapas Tour Madrid

The city is full of what are known as “tapas” bars. Spanish restaurants and bars around the world serve tapas. These are small plates of food or snacks traditionally served with beer or wine. This Spanish tradition is long preserved in the cultural heritage of the capital city. Madrileños love to go “tapear” which means they spend an afternoon or evening sampling a variety of different tapas in Madrid. Many would agree this is much more fun than one big plate of the same food! 

When you book a tapas tour Madrid will truly show you her authentic and local side. This way you can enjoy the city with fellow food lovers and experience the very best of Spanish food alongside city locals. What better way to see the historical landmarks of the Spanish capital, than with a full belly of delicious food? During your Madrid tapas tour, expert local guides will inform you about the history both of the dishes and the city. Follow the flavors of Madrid through its winding cobbled streets and soak up the culture and atmosphere of the local tapas bars through the city. You can also see the famous Plazas from the comfort of one of their sunny terraces! 

Madrid Food Tours

Sightseeing can sure make you hungry! Why not choose to explore the city on a food tour through Madrid? You can combine some of them with a market tour or a flamenco show. Or perhaps you can taste your way through the literary quarter of Madrid - you could enjoy the very same dishes those famous authors did. Choose to tour with the pleasant company of small groups, or with an expert local guide. 

Enjoy the finest Spanish cuisine at Michelin star restaurants around the city, or take a trip to one of the city food markets. You could stock up on some fun ingredients and try a Spanish recipe at home!

After all, food is central to the cultural heritage of the city. So what better way to explore Madrid than by sampling the gastronomic delights? Against the picturesque backdrop of Spanish architecture or even one of the Madrid Palaces, you can try the dishes that have survived centuries. If they are a favorite of the locals, you can taste your way to discover why! 

Madrid Wine Tours

If you want to eat as the Spanish do, you had better wash down your tapas with a glass of wine! Wine and tapas are a famous combination. Those delicious snacks keep you from drinking too much of that fine Spanish wine. Alongside food, wine is also a national obsession in Madrid. If you are a lover of fine wines, and keen to explore the many grapes of Spain, then book one of the Madrid wine tours. 

You can choose to remain in the wine bars and cellars of the city, or venture further afield and visit one of the famous vineyards in the Community of Madrid. The wines of Spain are as rich, colorful and varied as the culture and the food. As the capital city of the third largest wine producer in the world, Madrid is bound to have some great wine bars to explore. There are many inexpensive but high-quality table wines, or top end vintage grapes. When it comes to wine tasting, Madrid has some excellent options hidden all around the city. 


Whether you love a full-bodied Rioja, a refreshing Verdejo or some Cava to get the evening started, a Madrid Wine Tour is guaranteed to please your palette and inform your mind! 

What can I expect on a Madrid Food Tour? 

Joining one of the food tours in Madrid, allows you to explore the finest flavors of Spanish cooking while sightseeing on the way! The flavors of the city’s best tapas bars and restaurants will enhance your experience. Book a food tour to open your palette and mind to the best of Madrid!

Will I learn about the tapas tradition?

The tradition of eating tapas originated from bartenders covering their customers' drinks with a piece of bread, cheese, and ham. Why? To prevent flies from getting in! Today these simple slices have inspired all sorts of option. All around the world, you will find fun tapas parties, and Spanish tapas bar crawls. The tapas tradition has also influenced Michelin star haute cuisine. 

Spanish food isn’t all micro-portion tapas, however. Some of the most delicious national dishes include paella, fideuà, Jamon Serrano, patatas bravas, refreshing gazpacho soup. 

What if I have food allergies?

Just make a note of any food allergies or restrictions when you are booking, and your tour guide will ensure you have adequate alternatives. 

Are the tours suitable for vegetarians?

Traditionally Spanish food includes lots of meaty dishes. They love pork, ham, and sausages! Today, however, there is an increasing number of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants throughout the city, and some mouth-watering meat-free options! On a Madrid food tour, there are plenty of options from which you can choose!

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