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Things To Do In LOMBARDY

Though not as famous as Tuscany, Lombardy comprises a world of natural, historic and contemporary treasures. In fact, it’s one of the largest and richest regions in Italy. Lombardy is located in the north of Italy, neighboring with Switzerland. Stretching all the way from the Alpine peaks to the lowlands, the area boasts an incredible variety of landscapes. Rugged mountains, rolling hills and vineyards of Franciacorta area, great leaks, picturesque medieval towns, flat lowlands of Po Valley and dynamic modern cities like Milan. It’s impossible to run out of things to do in Lombardy. Its history, nature, art and culture coexist in symphony with technology, innovation, entertainment, fashion, and a creative contemporary outlook. 
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Explore Lombardy by CITIES

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Milan, unlike the ancient Rome and Renaissance-shaped Florence, is a city of the future. It’s a fast-paced, dynamic metropolis. There, creativity is both art and business, being stylish is compulsory and cocktails are an art form. It’s so much more than its image of a stern, work-obsessed city. So, go on, explore what to do in Milan!

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Bergamo catches you by surprise with a double identity. It’s trademark is its immense historic Venetian wall which embraces the ancient Città Alta (Upper Town) on a hilltop and keeps it apart from the largely modern Città Bassa (Lower Town). Bergamo most definitely shouldn’t miss on your list of places to see in Lombardy!

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Como lies in where the southern and western shores of a namesake lake converge. Having flourished because of the silk industry, this historic Alpine town boasts palaces, art-nouveau villas as well as lively café culture (courtesy of the 18th-century Austrian rule). Today, Como still maintains its image as the coolest place on the shore of Lake Como.

What to do in LOMBARDY

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What Makes LOMBARDY Special

Mountains and Lakes

Lombardy, thanks to its vast lakes and small basins, is known as the lake region and its lakes (like the famous lake Como) offer a truly unique collage of experiences. The mountain peaks, on the other hand, welcome ski and snowboard buffs. Summertime opens doors to a plethora of hiking trails as well as rafting and mountain biking. 

Local Cuisine

Unlike the regions of the south most of which struggled with poverty, Lombard cuisine has been largely shaped by abundance and prosperity. As a result of the region’s climate and agriculture, local food is heavily based in ingredients such as maize, rice, beef, pork, and butter and has little in common with typical Central or Southern Italian staples. 

Booming Industry

Milan, Lombardy’s capital, is a booming commercial and industrial center both within the EU and internationally. In fact, it’s the most important city in Italy regarding banking; industry; publishing; fashion; and stock exchange. Furthermore, it’s home to the main higher education, editorial and television centers in Italy. 

Things to do in LOMBARDY

What do in Lombardy, you ask? The mountain resorts and grand breathtaking lakes are a perfect backdrop for an active holiday filled with nature, rest, and exploration. 

Ski and snowboard lovers will find their paradise in places like Camonica Valley and Valtellina. On the other hand, summertime opens doors to activities such as trekking, rafting, and mountain biking. The huge lakes like Lake Como or Iseo won’t leave you bored either. On their shore, you can enjoy holidays with chances to do some sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, canoeing, cycling, trekking, and boating. Though if you had enough excitement and you just want to relax, Lombardy is an equally excellent place to relax thanks to its many therapeutic thermal waters (e.g., Boario and Bormio Spas). Plus, those infatuated with wine can follow Lombardy's famous wine trails while those crazy about fashion or in need of buzzing nightlife can happily dock in Milan. 

Though, if you think there is a lot to do, there’s even more to see in Lombardy. The UNESCO Heritage sites in the area includes Matua, the “ideal” city of the Italian Renaissance; the Sacred Mountains, a devotional route; Camonica Valley with its prehistoric rock paintings; Crespi d’Adda, 19th-Century industrial settlement; Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan that contains Da Vinci’s famous fresco, Last Supper… and that is hardly all! There are plenty of castles, incredible towns, and even an exhilarating state-of-the-art motor racing track!

If you give Lombardy a chance it will win over your heart. Explore the page for more ideas and tips on what to do in Lombardy!

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