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Things To Do In COMO

The town of Como resides at the southern end of the western part of Lake Como. Elegant and bustling, the town is the primary commercial center for lake Como not short on historical importance. Being only half an hour train ride from Milan and just a few miles from Italy's border with Switzerland, the town boasts the best transport connections. Buses and ferries run up and down Como’s shores. Better yet, tiny seaplanes land on and take off from the waters close to town. Though not as atmospheric and rustic as some of the smaller towns an resorts on the lake, Como’s lively streets and waterfront and always busy with visitors and locals alike. Let’s have look into the history and some fun things to do in Como!
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Top things to do in COMO

Visit Duomo di Como

One of the most imposing buildings in town is the Duomo di Como. This lovely cathedral is something no one should miss. Whether you are on a day trip from Milan or spending your holidays on Lake Como, come to see it. It’s definitely on the top of the list of what to do in Como. Unlike other famous Duomos, here the admission is completely free of charge. The mix of Romanesque and Gothic architecture creates much to admire. Furthermore, after you are done exploring the ins and outs of the Cathedral you can grab a drink or a bite at one of the many bars and restaurants on Piazza del Duomo while enjoying the view. 

Take a Boat Trip

Lake Como, narrow and fjord-like, is 50 kilometers long and shaped like an inverted Y. It would be a waste not to make use of the regular boat services. They connect most lake towns from early spring through fall. There are three types of boats available, slow boats great for leisure travel and taking pics; ferries carrying cars as well as passengers; and hydrofoils ideal way to get to places quickly (don’t expect to see much). However, not all lines stop at the smaller towns so be sure to check the route. If you are unsure about what to do in Como, taking a boat trip is it. Alternatively, you can sign up for one of many great boat tours!

Walk Along the Shore of Como Villas

Taking a pleasant stroll along the west shore of Lake Como allows you to admire the array of neoclassical villas built in the 18th to 19th century. In the 50s, the local government decided to create a “romantic promenade” providing locals and travelers with a lovely leisure spot. As you walk down along the path, you can admire Villa Carminati (a small elegant villa from the 1780s); lovely Villa Saporiti; the symmetrical Villa Volonté and more. All of the old and elegant villas sit surrounded by lavish gardens. They some of the most beautiful things to see in Como and attest to its importance as a leisure resort throughout history.


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What to do in COMO

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Things to do in COMO


Como was founded by Julius Caesar himself with original intention of creating an Alpine garrison. Though it quickly became a holiday resort. In fact, as early as the 1st century BC! On the other hand, it was Frederick Barbarossa who built the town’s medieval watchtowers and its three imposing Romanesque basilicas rise from what remained of once-rich and powerful convents. Eventually, the eighteenth-century Austrian rule overpowered the town’s medieval ruggedness. Austrians brought about orderly elegant architecture, central European flair, a vibrant theatre and café culture. Meanwhile, the wealth of the local silk production industry paid for numerous palazzi and Italian art nouveau villas. Today, Como aspires to become the coolest place on the lake. Indeed, it's full of chic hotels, great restaurants, and charismatic bar-lined piazzas.

Vibrant Social Life

At first sight, Como might come across a bit disappointingly urban compared to other tiny charming towns on the lakefront. But the town’s setting embraced by green hills, with the vast lake washing the shore just steps from its Centro Storico are bound to change your mind. Once you set foot within the old town walls, Como's charming elegance becomes more apparent. Plus, no other place on the like boasts such a rich social and cultural agenda. An agenda that is significantly more real than tourist-tailored entertainment in any other resort on Lake Como. Naturally, if you prefer to take a swim in the lake, take part watersports, or take a hike in the surrounding hills, they're all right there!

Sightseeing Blues

You can also do some hardcore sightseeing. For instance, you can visit the Silk Museum that highlights the silk-making tradition of Como; peek inside the Pinacoteca Civica (Civic Art Gallery) that resides in the imposing Volpi palace boasting a plethora of sculptures, paintings, a lapidary collection, and even modern art; explore the history of Italy’s unification under the Savoy dynasty (Risorgimento) in History Museum Giuseppe Garibaldi; examine ancient artifacts in the Archeological Museum or visit Como’s pride, the beautiful Duomo from the 14th century. 


As you can see, things to do in Como are many whether you prefer sightseeing, sports, entertainment or just leisurely relax. Explore the page to find more ideas on what to do in Como

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