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Things To Do In BERGAMO

Comfortably nestled in the foothills of the Alps, just 50km from modern Milan, sits Bergamo, the town of two identities. On one hand, there is the Upper Town (Città Alta), a tangle of narrow medieval streets behind Venetian walls. On the other hand, there's the Lower Town (Città Bassa) that resonates with modernity. This eastern Lombard town widely acclaimed for its beauty offers an array of possibilities. Art, medieval Renaissance and baroque architecture, museums, breathtaking views as well as contemporary buzz, modern galleries, and fine dining shape its ambiance. In other words, for a small town, things to do in Bergamo are aplenty.
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Top things to do in BERGAMO

Walk along Venetian Walls

The ancient Venetian Walls tightly embracing Città Alta were constructed in the 16th century by the Republic of Venice (obviously). Back then Bergamo belonged to Venice. Venetians decided to erect the wall in order to protect the town from the powerful Republic of Milan as well as France when Venice’s control over maritime trade started to decline. Today, the walls mark the territory of the Upper Town, the historic center and stand a proud reminder of its rich history. There is nothing quite like a stroll down alongside these ancient walls. Viale Della Mura, as locals call the route, stretches around three sides of the old town.

Get the Most out of Piazza Vecchia

Piazza Vecchia is the heart of Città Alta. Defined by imposing architecture, it’s the testament to Bergamo's rich and colourful history. Full of lovely palazzos and important monuments (as well as incredible cafés, gelaterias and restaurants), this piazza makes for a great pass time. Square’s highlights include the Palazzo Nuovo, Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo del Podestà, and the Torre del Campanone. The fountain at the center of the square roars with four magnificent lion sculptures. So, if you are unsure about what to do in Bergamo, head to Piazza Vecchia. It’s not often you find such a lovely place that isn’t crowded. 

Take the Funicular

No trip to Bergamo would be quite complete without hopping on the historic Funicular railway to reach new heights. One funicular connects Città Bassa with Città Alta and the other one connects Città Alta with San Vigilio locality. This old railway has been transporting people in the Bergamo area for years proving to be one of the best ways to reach the old town. The Station in Città Bassa is on the Viale Vittorio Emanuele II and you can purchase your tickets in the foyer. You can get off in Città Alta or continue up to the San Vigilio castle. The funicular is without a doubt one of the iconic things to do in Bergamo. 


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Things to do in BERGAMO

Città Alta

The upper town is an enchanting walled city with strong thick roots that remember medieval times. Its tiny humble streets are lined with local shops, bars, and restaurants catering to visitors and locals alike. At its core resides Piazza Vecchia which many architects and writers described as the most beautiful square in Italy. Embraced by ancient palazzos, bell tower as well as prestigious bars and restaurants, the square makes for a perfect place to stop for a drink or bite and indulge in the quaint ambiance. 

Città Bassa

The notably more modern lower town grew on the plain below Città Alta. Though you can still come across a few 15th-century buildings, the elaborate architectural feats of the 19th and 20th centuries are quick to overshadow them. Today, Città Bassa is a vibrant neighborhood with a plethora of great hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants. Palaces, art galleries, churches, theatres, and other venues boast concerts and entertainment. Thanks to them, Bergamo enjoys engaging and culturally diverse social life. 

Surrounding Area 

The railway station situated in Piazza Marconi of the Città Bassa provides regular connections to Milan, Brescia, Crema, and Cremona. In summer, the connections are enriched with links to Venice and further afield. Within the region, Bergamo is only a short train ride to Lecco on Lake Como as well as Sarnico on Lake Iseo. Lake Garda resorts are also not hard to reach, usually requiring a singly train switch at Brescia.

On the other hand, Bergamo bus station offers regular coaches to resorts on Lake Iseo as well as the lovely towns in the surrounding valleys. So, whether you plan on to stay in town or use it as your base to explore and visit the rest of Lombardy, you won’t be disappointed by the things to do in Bergamo or its surroundings

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