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Things To Do In LAZIO

Lazio comprises of Roma, Rieti, Frosinone, Latina, and Viterbo provinces and lies on the western coast of central Italy. However, its “centrality” is not just a question of geography. As the official seat of the government, it serves as the hive of the Italian political life.Furthermore, since the Vatican City stands guard over Rome from one of its seven hills, it’s religious a heart of the country. And, last but not least, thanks to its many preserved sites, landmarks, and monuments, it is also one of Italy’s central tourist destinations. While the west coast borders with the Tyrrhenian Sea, the east is rimmed by the central Apennines with Mount Terminillo towering to impressive 2216 m. 
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Explore Lazio by CITIES

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A mixture of haunting ruins, great art and vibrant street life, Italy’s unique capital is one of the most imposing cities in the world. The old town boasts iconic monuments such as the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Roman Forum as well as chic bars and cafes offering a tasty aperitif. You will never be short of places to visit in Rome.

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The Vatican City sits atop a low-lying hill of the same name, not far from the legendary Tiber River. Centered around St Peter’s Basilica, it comprises many of Italy’s most esteemed artworks housed within the Vatican Museums and adjoining Sistine Chapel. There are more things to do in Vatican than meets the eye on the first sight.

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Lazio’s generous offering doesn’t stop with Rome and the Vatican. One of its treats is the historic town, Tivoli. It sits in the hills of Monti Tiburtini on the Aniene River and enjoys a relatively cooler climate. Hence, in the past, the town served as a luxury summer retreat for the wealthy. Curious? Find more ideas and suggestions on what to do in Tivoli!

What to do in LAZIO

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What Makes LAZIO Special

History and Ruins

Thanks to its location at the core of Italy’s varied history, Lazio boasts ruins with fascinating and even gory stories to tell. Every step seems to stir up a fraction of history. For instance, in Rome, roll back time with a stroll down the Roman Forum. Indeed, diving into the exploration of history and ruins is one of the best things to do in Lazio.

Spas and Natural Parks

Lazio boasts a rich and beautiful landscape, from the forested Apennine Mountains in the east to the volcanic hot springs in Lazio’s north. Nature reserves provide refuge from the summer sun and a place to relax or enjoy a picnic. The answer to what to see in Lazio region hardly ends with a visit of Rome and the Vatican. Explore nature!


Still wondering what to do in Lazio? Do food! Home to the world’s best meal, Carbonara, Lazio’s relationship with food is unparalleled, characterized by its simplicity. Lazio’s fertile lands give birth to some of the finest artichokes, fava beans and the renowned Onano lentils. The region also lays claim to some of the best pecorino!

Things to do in LAZIO

To the northwest and southeast of Rome rise four ancient volcanoes: the Volsini, Cimini, Sabatini, and Albani; each of them contains at least one or more stunning crater lakes. Needless to mention, Lazio is in possession of stunning natural beauty protected under national parks and natural reserves.
As per agriculture, produce such as wheat, vegetables, fruit, corn, meat, and dairy dominate in the lowlands of Lazio while vineyards and olive groves cover its countless slopes. Rome, also called the Eternal City, is the region’s commercial and banking hub but has very little industry (apart from the specific artisan industries like fashion).
Rome in combination with the Vatican City forms the largest tourist center in the whole of Italy. It’s no surprise! Both of these destinations boast of ancient ruins, captivating excavations sites, architectural wonders, and priceless works of art. Other essential tourist resorts can be found along the coast, in the Alban Hills, and the Apennines.
All in all, Lazio region boasts with all, natural, historical, as well as artistic treasures. In fact, you are likely to struggle to decide on the things to in Lazio during your holidays. You can choose to unravels the mysteries surrounding the Colosseum; throw a coin into forever-romantic Trevi fountain; visit the spas in Fiuggi or Tivoli; go skiing in top-notch ski resorts of Terminillo, Arcinazzo, and Leonessa; or, perhaps, trek, bike or hike in the local mountains. To help you make the right decision, check out the articles below!
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