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Rome Colosseum Tickets including Roman Forum and Palatine Hills

Book your very fast-track Colosseum tickets online and save yourself time and a great deal of hassle. The tickets include Colosseum reservation fee and taxes.

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Rome Colosseum Tickets including Roman Forum and Palatine Hills

★ ★ ★ ★ ★    26 Reviews
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What To Expect

Hundreds of towers adorn Rome’s skyline hiding the crooked quaint streets and uncountable stories of its past. Rome is riddled with historical sights and landmarks that stand witness to the splendor of the Roman Empire. One of its most valued treasures is the grand Colosseum, or otherwise, the Flavian Amphitheater. Book Colosseum Tickets with priority access and get inside this wonder without lengthy waiting in long lines under the heat Italian sun! 

Rising 50 meters high, it used to be the largest free-standing amphitheater in ancient Rome. Its height and history are as impressive in person as they are in the photographs. It comes as no surprise that the Colosseum is one of the top attractions Rome has to offer. The ticket office is always swamped, no matter the season. So, if you plan to visit the Colosseum, you better reserve and buy Colosseum skip the line tickets in advance.[readmore]

Booking with entails a few perks. Your reservation comes with fast track access and includes entrances to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The booking is always tied to a specific entrance time and allows you to enter through a special gate. For security reasons every visitor needs to pass through a security check, so you should count on some delay even with a fast-track Colosseum entrance. Still, this little delay is nothing comparing to the time you would waste in the official ticket line! The ticket is valid for 48 hours so, after your Colosseum visit, you have plenty of time to explore the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

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Included / Excluded
Entrance Ticket to Colosseum
Skip-the-line Ticket to Colosseum with very fast entrance
Reservation fee and taxes
Live Guide

Before You Go

Water and liquids are not allowed to bring inside the Colosseum

Please wear comfortable shoes and a hat during the hot weather

Please arrive to the Meeting Point 20-30 minutes in advance

Skipping the security line before the entrance is not possible (metal detector)

Meeting Point

Via Capo d'Africa, 15A, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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Ticket Highlights

So, your Roman holiday is everything you imagined! The quaint yet somehow modern ambiance, fresh Italian gelato, intense coffee, indulgent cuisine, cobblestone streets, antique shops, vibrant bars, and restaurants! Yes, it's everything you imagined up until you find yourself stuck in an endless queue leading up to the ticket office of the renown Flavian Amphitheatre on a hot summer day. Sweat, crowds, stress there is even a chance the tickets might be sold out for the day. Don't put yourself through all that trouble!


At DoTravel we understand how mishaps and delays can turn even the sunniest day cloudy. That is why we design our products to solve your problems before they even occur. Booking the fast-track tickets to Colosseum with us will provide you with an exclusive access. 


You'll enter the arena via the Gladiators gate the side entrance once used by gladiators. Located on the other side of the amphitheater, this access point is separate from the usual group skip-the-line gate. So, you'll bypass the long lines (longer these days following increased security), for immediate entry. You will be able to appreciate the history behind the tall walls in good humor and a peace of mind. 


If you are interested, you can always upgrade to one of the popular guided tours such as the exclusive Colosseum underground tour. Please note, the Colosseum opening hours vary from season to season as the closing time is always one hour before sunset. 

History Sneak Peek

The construction of Colosseum started under the rule of Emperor Vespasian (from the Flavius family) in 72 AD and was finished under Titus a decade later. The amphitheater was built on the former site of Nero's Palace. Vespasian's goal behind all this was to dissociate himself from the tyranny of Nero's rule and gain a bit of public popularity by organizing gladiator battles and animal massacres (none of which would win him popularity today). The entrance to the Colosseum was free for all. 


Colosseum Architecture

The shape of the structure is roughly elliptical measuring 188m in length and 156m in width. However, the arena floor where the battles took place only measures 76m by 44m. The arena floor was made of wooden planks. It was only during the shows they covered the floor with sand (arena) taken from Monte Mario hill. For special events, they would use different color sand to mark the occasion.

What Happened after the Gladiator Games were over?

 The Colosseum remained in use for an impressive 450 years until the Gladiator battles and animal hunts became unpopular, likely due to the rise of Christianity. Soon, the amphitheater space found a multitude of other uses including serving as a church, cemetery, housing, workshops and even a castle. Nonetheless, in 1349, a strong earthquake caused the south wall to collapse and the construction became unusable. Quite smartly, the city used the stone and marble from the catastrophe to build churches and other public buildings around the city.


Culture in Colosseum

 Nowadays, Colosseum serves to much more cultured purposes. In fact, a Coliseum is a dream place of many artists who yearn to perform under the spell of its special ambiance. Though, only a few have been successful in this colossal undertaking. The first Italian artist to perform inside was, in 2011, Biagio Antonacci. Later the list grew with names such as Andrea Bocelli, Nicola Piovani; Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Noa, Mercedes Sosa, and Khaled.


This information is just scraping the surface of the rich and history of the ancient Rome that resides within the walls of the Colosseum. Book Colosseum Rome tickets online today to ensure you don't miss out on any detail!

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