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Things To Do In VENETO

The delightfully diverse region of Veneto occupies northeastern part of Italy. It comprises the provinces of Belluno, Padova, Rovigo, Treviso, Venezia, Verona, and Vicenza. Veneto borders with Trentino-Alto Adige region to the north; Emilia-Romagna to the south; Lombardy to the west and Austria to the north-east. The northern limit of the region is riddled with mountains including Dolomites (rose-tinted rocky mountains) and the Carnic Alps. Yet, there is much more to Veneto’s scenery. Besides the breathtaking mountains, it dazzles you with hills, forests, plains, marshlands, sandy beaches, and its legendary Venetian lagoon. There, right in the midst of the lagoon, stands Venice.
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What was once nothing more than a refuge from the barbarian raids, turned into an exquisite floating city of marble palaces. Venice, once a humble lagoon grew to become a center of trade, art, cultural fusion, and unprecedented extravagance. Here, plunge into "la bea vita" the way locals do. Don’t rush. Learn, smell, taste, and explore more things to do in Venice!

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Most known for being the setting of Shakespeare’s tragic yet beautiful Romeo & Juliet, Verona attracts an array of multinational of visitors. Its romantic piazzas and tangled lanes make for a perfect romantic getaway. However, there is much more to this town than all the romantic fluff. In fact, this city is a lively cultural center of the region.

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Hiding in the center of the Veneto plains, surrounded by lagoons, and Alpine foothills, lies the city of Padua (Padova in Italian). Padua is an incredibly vivacious and dynamic city with grand historical and monumental heritage. Better yet, the natural and cultural perks that surround it are unmatched. Don’t hesitate, find out more about what to do in Padua!

What to do in VENETO

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What Makes VENETO Special

Folklore and Traditions

Venice is not the only gem hiding in Veneto. The region’s rich cultural and traditional heritage creates a whole new universe of exceptional experiences. Naturally, the most known of Veneto attractions when it comes to folklore is the Venice Carnival. However, beyond the Carnival, Veneto celebrates a rich history of traditions and folklore. 

Mountains, Lakes, Lagoons

Bordering the Adriatic Sea, Veneto lays claim to genuinely spectacular landscapes. Beyond the canals and waterways of  Venice, lie the Dolomite Mountains, lakes and national parks boasting crisp alpine air and stunning scenery. Indeed, nature makes running out of things to do in Veneto is a real challenge!


Veneto is a chest of musical treasures. For instance, music is everywhere in Venice. So much so, that it's known as the “Republic of Music.” Stroll down the canals, and you will hear the folk-songs of old being sung by the gondoliers pushing their boats around the city’s waterways. If you ever can’t decide on what to do in Veneto, just listen!

Things to do in VENETO

Also known as the Floating City, it is the capital of Veneto as well as one of the most imposing cities in the world.

Venice, thanks to its opulent history, priceless architectural heritage, Carnival, Murano glass, and Burano lace, is the highlight of Veneto. Built on water, it connects to the mainland by a rail as well as a road bridge. Consequently, you can explore it on foot walking through its quaint narrow streets and bridges or on water, riding a typical Venetian gondola or a modern motorboat.

However, looking beyond the golden glow of Venice, you will discover that the whole of Veneto boasts historic, artistic, and natural gems. Other main cities include the romantic, Verona (made famous by the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet), historic Padua, rich Vicenza or Treviso with ancient canals of its own.

Thanks to its natural diversity, Veneto region offers an incredibly vast and eclectic array of activities. For instance, if you love sport-oriented vacations, you can enjoy a plethora of winter sports in Alpine resorts from the Dolomites to Lessinia; Active summer travelers can indulge in the golden coast offering beach volleyball, water skiing, sailing, surfing, or cycling; and the history and art lovers can throw themselves into explorations of museums galleries, medieval churches, and much more. In any case, it's hard to run out of exciting things to do in Veneto. Browse below to find inspiration for your next trip!

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